been watchin sailor moon lately and it rules. shoutout to the new rock brush in the latest krita beta

i'm still kickin!! just been away from social media in general

good riddance 2020, happy bday ping, and a happy new year to all y'all

happy birthday tim!!! i don't think i've posted them here before so here's his family

good evening fedi i completely forgot to post last week's update here so y'all get a double whammy!!
read here:
or start from the beginning!

today's dreadnought update is the first batch of free time events!! :happey: idk who all on here is reading but if ur interested this is a good time to catch up!

read here:
or start from the beginning!

short update tonight but there's music! unfortunately the music is the most cursed 45 seconds of audio i've ever attempted to produce
read here!

artfight is over so i finally have self-given permission to finish this up lol

i think this is the last batch i'm finishing before the deadline :lies_down: characters belong to MauriHazTheArtness, colorfultrashcan, pastelsunsets and lord-ducky respectively!

artfight, some cartoony gore in this one 

a good kiddo for avadonias and a discord emoji for crowkerus lol

tooday we are drawing characters facing right
characters belong to BibblyBobbly and SmashBro918!!

idk how many more of these i can squeeze out before monday but i'm tryin!! an outfit swap with raioknight's OC adrien and my OC nik + toonkinnie's cute invader zim OC galatea!

pathfinder art, comedically intense eye contact 

batu's map token! and the beautiful image i made for his unarmed attack macro in foundry

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