two more for wynter and milkmaid666! im finally caught up to where i can start doing non-revenge attacks :lies_down:

some more attacks! forgot to poast last night
for iamgogobtw, gufery, Andy1land, and Deltram respectively, all at !

several good new Concepts came out of this project but my favorite is that gugalanna wears her own merch

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i Did It...... i got all the refs finished and uploaded before artfight's servers got slammed lol

here's my acct again if u wanna follow or just read more about em!

this isn't a very masto-friendly crop but here's a tim wearing some cool socks i saw on the internet

i finally started playing animal crossing this week and peanut is the perfect next door neighbor for tiffani

dreadnought wip 

love this horrible little orb

it's been slow goin but i'd like to get the prologue up by the end of the month or so maybe

dreadnought wip 

drawing ishi yelling always cracks me up i love u queen

testing some new plugins with a debussy prelude but arranged like the water level in a metroidvania game

(pardon the sloppy mixing & ending idk if ill continue this or not)

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