folks i am in a mood to draw some weird robot creatures. this is now a doodle request thread but exclusively for bionicles and jojo stands

i've got pathfinder tonight but i'll try & get to em sometime this week!

jojo part 6 spoilers? stand art thread 

made in heaven for @basicbishoujo ! one of my absolute fav stand designs

takua for @ikafry !! sry for goin out of order but bionicle was my first fandom and takua is my son ok

@AmeliaDrawsThings @ikafry Bionicle! I haven't thought of Bionicle in years. I was so into the toys growing up. Never joined the fandom, though.

But such a cute Takua!

@XanderPendrake thank u!! and yesss its just such a fun aesthetic and so much Lore

@AmeliaDrawsThings [bionicle] takua as a matoran chronicler or any incarnation of hahli, perhaps?? :3c

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