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hello!! my name's amelia (she/her) & i'm a 2d artist & piano teacher! i draw OCs, TTRPG stuff, & the occasional anime garbage. my main workhorse is krita :krita:

i'm not sure yet whether this account will skew personal or mostly art but non-art content may include indie video games, music, , , cool rocks & cats

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馃尭 portfolio: ameliadrawsthings.artstation.c
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jazz is dungeons & dragons for musicians

i will not be taking questions at this time

19 The Sun for . This one was nice. Different from the other ones I feel, much more clear and crisp, but that's what the sun does, right?

Picture shows a bright painting of a big glowing sun above a sharply lit meadow. Two figures stand on the light, outlined in by the harsh light. The sun is a bit 2 dimensional, the rest rather naturalistic.

shoutout to all the extinct megafauna.
i miss you guys

Hello my lovely :mastoart:鈥RTists!

Yesterday I changed our sign-up option to the new "request registration" feature. This allows new users to fill out a form to request an account here, rather than relying solely on invites from current members.

This is an experiment! We'll see how it goes. I'm sure 99% of the new users we get this way will be great, but just in case, please keep an eye out for spammy accounts! Report any you see and your excellent mod team will deal with them. :bear_hugs:

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Wow, if you like you need to check out Vandana Singh ( ). I'm her short story collection "Ambiguity Machines & Other Stories" atm and they're all *so* good! You can really tell she's a physicist but like all good science fiction she takes that to a whole other level 馃憣

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