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i Did It...... i got all the refs finished and uploaded before artfight's servers got slammed lol

here's my acct again if u wanna follow or just read more about em!

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since i will likely be posting more dreadnought stuff on main here's a helpful tim identification guide... a timsambiguation page, if u will

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hello!! my name's amelia and i teach piano by day and draw anime garbage by night

i've been slacking on the drawing part recently but i'm gonna try and get back into it!! not doing commissions rn but i'm always down for an art trade :da_dance:

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think im finally on the upswing again after a big ol depression rut. i am So tired of being like this but at least i read a bunch of manga i'd been meaning to lol. tokyo ghoul was pretty good. dorohedoro was VERY GOOD. rereading fma and jojo part 4 now (so i can cw stuff for a friend lol) and will prolly try hxh next

i also play cookie run now help

I uploaded some preview pages of my spooky webcomic Nene's Bedtime Stories for patreons. I'm trying to finish this chapter to upload on Tapas and Webtoons before halloween 馃巸

Drawing my OC Astra albeit...a bit weirder. It feels like I've only scratched the surface of SAI. I didn't know there were more textures available. Gosh, it feels like I'm back in the old oekaki days where I fiddled around with the textured brushes

caught up on jojolion, predictions?? 

- california king bed is gonna be a chekov's gun it's been suspiciously absent for the latter half of the story

- tooru's hair is gonna get burnt off. i have no reasoning for this other than that the sheer power of my brainwaves will force araki's hand

- 85% sure josuke will die

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caught up on jojolion 

- ITS GOOD im glad i waited so i could binge thru the bulk of the story (or well it feels like its wrapping up soon)

- i loved the small scale of diamond is unbreakable and this has got the same kinda energy but more lynchian vibes and family political intrigue... good stuff

- definitely didnt expect yasuho to be a fav but she is!! and what a fun stand too

- vitamin c probably my fav stand fight but ill sleep on it before i form an Opinion

- this stand design whips ass

thinkin bout stone ocean, spoilers 

i like emporio and annasui a lot more on a reread. part 6 might be my favorite ensemble cast actually though the part 5 folks are stiff competition lol

debt collector marilyn manson and jailhouse lock are still my favorite arcs by a long shot but the dragons dream and yo yo ma fights stuck out to me as more fun than i remembered. i like stands with personalities of their own haha

and i wanna see survivor animated thats gonna be intense

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finished rereading stone ocean and what a hot mess of a story. i love it

gonna try jojolion again next i think and see if it sticks this time

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