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hello!! my name's amelia and i teach piano by day and draw anime garbage by night

i've been slacking on the drawing part recently but i'm gonna try and get back into it!! not doing commissions rn but i'm always down for an art trade :da_dance:

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for my RPG Monster prompt list! Day 14 is "Lich!" Went with a kobold lich to make it a little more monstrous and a little less human!


The King Arthur 11 was the first probe ever developed to travel through Einstein鈥揜osen bridges - also known as wormholes.

After decades of travelling it suddenly disappeared and was never heard of again.

Only recently a historian discovered ancient military documents from the 20th Century reporting the sighting of an unusual meteorite that emitted the signature radio signal of the King Arthur 11 before crashing into the Pacific Ocean in a fiery explosion.

I've finally made my glorious book purchasable on my shop!

It's full of illustrated haiku poems that all work as standalones, but also document the same world in a non-linear manner, from a single narrator's view. You can find examples by looking at my media/insta!

this is what i make random generators for, i could never have come up with something like this

Drawing curves is a pain, specially if you aren't sure if the ink is dry, so you just dance around trying to not press your hand anywhere. >:,1

Anyhow, possums! Our friendly neighbors.

I'm too tired to keep up posting here but catch up 馃槶 dogtobers days 12-14

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