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hello!! my name's amelia (she/her) & i'm a 2d artist & piano teacher! i draw OCs, TTRPG stuff, & the occasional anime garbage. my main workhorse is krita :krita:

i'm not sure yet whether this account will skew personal or mostly art but non-art content may include indie video games, music, , , cool rocks & cats

馃尭 commissions/tip jar:
馃尭 portfolio: ameliadrawsthings.artstation.c
馃尭 social links:

ref for artfight

this winged critter is a part of a angel/demon au where the angels are weird eldritch creatures that just Showed Up one day and are apathetic at best towards humanity

this one is called soleil by the people because they glow like the sun. looking at them causes blindness and staying in their presence for too long causes uv radiation damage

thinking about these little portable scissors my friend has that are really cute

Doin the 5 min pokemon render on the bad site. Spent a lot longer on combee

It's not officially out yet, but consider this a public soft launch for the fediverse

Encompass ECS
A framework for building games

Working on my own for my /#pathfinder game!

This one is "The Gem!"

鈥淭wenty-five pieces of jewelry worth 2,000 gp each or fifty gems worth 1,000 gp each appear at your feet.鈥

Keep up with them on my !

i liked it more than i thought i would! a lot of it was very loud ofc but they pulled everything back and had just him and the guitar for blackbird. his voice was showing its age and his fingers were getting a lil stiff and it was a really sweet and vulnerable performance

got to go to the paul mccartney concert last night! regardless of your opinion of the beatles it's impressive that he can still put on a 3-hour show at 76 haha

zelda after a villager bumps into her: oww!!! you threw off my groove!

link: i'm sorry, but you've thrown off the princess' groove. *throws the villager out the window*

Wotan with a nostalgia filter so as to illustrate his longing for a simpler time before there was a kitten

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