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i Did It...... i got all the refs finished and uploaded before artfight's servers got slammed lol

here's my acct again if u wanna follow or just read more about em!

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since i will likely be posting more dreadnought stuff on main here's a helpful tim identification guide... a timsambiguation page, if u will

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hello!! my name's amelia and i teach piano by day and draw anime garbage by night

i've been slacking on the drawing part recently but i'm gonna try and get back into it!! not doing commissions rn but i'm always down for an art trade :da_dance:

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i logged back into the tumblr today after 2 years and there were uhhhh 503 messages in the askbox please send help

these would probably go faster if i stopped drawing complex interactions with other ppls danganronpa OCs but listen,,

(kimberly belongs to Wowz on !)

my favorite homestuck-esque CYOA-based story with grandiose worldbuilding is still awful hospital but it's tough to recommend to folks cause uhhhh there is some truly next level gore & body horror (the art is gorgeous But Still)

but the characters are so fun and even when the plot feels like it's derailing almost all of it ends up relevant later

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i bingeread vast error a couple weeks ago and i tried to read the latest update yesterday and i have 0.05 of an idea whats going on. maybe im getting too old for homestuck :'D

its very well written and illustrated just! so many characters and weird timeline stuff

Last month I was taking commissions to donate to Black Visions and BLM Seattle. Character belongs to!

my braincells are only jurou tonight anyway @AmeliaDrawsThings hehe here you go! I post here too for remembering to post dfkgjdhfg artfight is fun

Mared, a halfling ranger I plan on playing soon. Their most prized possession is a jar containing their sourdough starter

omg i think i forgot to post this officially.

comm for MeikaiSecret on fr :>

I've been developing 'The Garden Path' in for the last three years, and I think things are really starting to take shape.

Here's a new teaser for things to come.

goth scholar caracal baby
yes? yes. I hadn't settled on a name for him yet.

Aside from a few dribbles my procedural fountain pen now interpolates between strokes and is basically functional.

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two more for wynter and milkmaid666! im finally caught up to where i can start doing non-revenge attacks :lies_down:

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