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hello!! my name's amelia and i teach piano by day and draw anime garbage by night

i've been slacking on the drawing part recently but i'm gonna try and get back into it!! not doing commissions rn but i'm always down for an art trade :da_dance:

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A bunch of outfit designs I did over the past few months. The idea was to keep the character recognizable via color scheme over different styles.

I got @staystitch to help me play with the generator and make sure there was nothing gross/weird in the adjectives list and we found some... fun ones.

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With a new Animal Crossing on the horizon, I've been seeing a lot of super cute AC fanart! Since I've always got CATS on the brain, it seemed like a perfect combo!

Tried taking pictures in all natural light but of course the overcast kept breaking up and being inconsistent. Anyway, another fairy dragon, this one pansy-colored... or Mardi Gras if you prefer.

鈥淪tepmom鈥 - Tall rect. of mostly cloudy blue sky covered w/lt. b&w rect. abstract stamp pattern. 1/4 at bottom is curving ground w/lt. diagonal streaks. Girl & boy dolls in red & white watch a tall 鈥淪鈥 curved plant w/5 vari-sized daisies w/red hearts which grows from a red bowl. Oval stamp of Roman-type woman in profile looks L. from upper R. Other trim: panel of tiny red-capped milk bottles & simplified opaque red column shape @ L.

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like come to think of it so many kid-targeted learning resources like that have either gone behind paywalls or will die when flash finally dies. there's definitely a niche for teaching materials with a libre license and more future-proof technology

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brainstorming for my hypothetical piano method today and tryin real hard not to just go all in on a harmonics 101 lesson in a book series for small children ajsdksj

maybe i'd be better off working on a Music Theory 4 Kidz website. or both

Had a long train ride today. :3 I've had the idea for this drawing for quite a while and decided to finally give it a try. Turned out more Junji Ito-esque than imagined. 馃

Me being home means all my clothes getting dog fur and pictures of pubby

wip, valentines-adjacent, tonight we are posting ttrpg ships on main 

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