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hello!! my name's amelia and i teach piano by day and draw anime garbage by night

i've been slacking on the drawing part recently but i'm gonna try and get back into it!! not doing commissions rn but i'm always down for an art trade :da_dance:

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Baby Peas n鈥 Carrots!

Got a fancy new tablet- ofc they were the first thing I drew!

Pok茅cember Day 5: Rotom is my favourite Electric type Pok茅mon, I thought it might be fun to try draw it as a graphics tablet (referencing the one I used to draw it!)

You should have seen the look on my grandmother's face when I told her I was drawing a werewolf in a dress

here's a crop of decembers wallpaper for patreon,
it's a pokemon one for something a little different. Sign up to get this and all the other wallpapers/comics i've posted in the past. tell your friends! 馃摲馃尡

A commission of a player's platinum dragonborn by the name of Valthir.

Fun fact about this piece: This drawing was done in 5 minute increments, which is an anything but a fun way to work.

a watercolor commission I finished recently! it鈥檚 off to its new home today!


i'm borrowing a trumpet to play the horse whinny at the end of sleigh ride and how do ppl play this thing.... it's too small......... what is this a mouthpiece for ants

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