So, I saw the ‘Draw 100 heads in x days’ challenge going around & liked the idea, so looked it up. I was disappointed by the lack of diversity, and the inclusion of sculptures/sculpted mugs/3D renders in the collection.

So I started my own Portrait Reference pin board with a wide diversity of race, age, gender, expression etc. I’m going to do the challenge using my own collection!

I share the collection with you as a resource :)

I spotted a few repeats while scrolling through just now, so I’ll weed those out and replace them with new ones soon! I’ll also add more now and then, I want to make sure it has a good representation of facial, ethnic, age and gender diversity :)

@AmaBagins Absolutely fantastic collection of portraits! I believe I will use this board a lot when doing portrait studies. Thank you so much for compiling all of these!

@Lynaiss Thank you! I’m glad you like it and that it’ll be useful! I’ll likely add more now and then as well :)

@AmaBagins Great resource, really inspiring 💕 Thanks for sharing! 🙌

@AmaBagins omg, what a wonderful collection of personalities! 😍😍😍 And the picture of your mother is a smash. She looks so beautiful and mild and wise. Love them all but she's glowing.

@Dodo Thanks! None of the pictures are mine! It’s a curated collection for portrait practice only :)

@AmaBagins ah ok, nonetheless - great collection. Really good for practicing.

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