was messing around with lineless painting as practice and @evatrice@twitter.com drew our dumb children in kigus so here i am-

When I was 14 all I did was play mabinogi or trickster online, had no time for social media LOL

Wow the anti discourse is some wild shit, I don't think I was nearly that vindictive when I was a dumb 14 yr old on the internet

soon may the wellerman come, to bring us sugar and tea and rum...
hi yes i spent about an hour of my evening on this instead of doing chores 🐳

I just realized I broke 400 followers omg... Should I try doing an art giveaway thing or something--

I was so drunk earlier but now I'm good LOL

i realize like so many years later of doing the sing thing that i can realtime monitor with a tuner (not melodyne but just a tuner to check pitch without touching anything) in the middle of recording. i feel like a magician now... the dumbest magician anyways lmao

time for some leftover mac and cheese lmao

The past 2 months have been so shitty but things at work seem to have gotten a bit better... But I'm still not exactly happy lol

I forget if I ever reported it but I talked to my manager a work and after a long talk I told her I'd stay for the rest of my contract after all. She spoke to the people harassing me at work it seems.

I finished this a little while ago but forgot to share... Albedo from Genshin Impact o/ I really liked @khoidaooo@twitter.com 's performance as Albedo for the EN dub

i'm just fucking tired, this past month (month and a half??) has been exhausting

for those waiting for comms and stuff i'm sorry, this will definitely slow me down more than my deteriorating mental state... for the most pressing thing i will deliver it asap

and during the darkest timeline too (pandemic) so oof

well i can only hope for the best after i submit this on monday

the pay is good but there are so many things wrong with this place, I can't stay any longer

Well I wrote a resignation letter for my current workplace

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