still doing a lot of interviews... still havent settled on a contract yet since so far I've gotten not so great offers (or what I wanted was taken already oof)

i have an interview tomorrow for something that sounds pretty good though!!

I finally watched Promare and it's a good time lmao

just a higher salary than what I am making by 200k more KRW. While the kindy academy I was looking at more locally is offering 100k more won, it also has way more hours... Also kindy. lol

its part of a larger academy chain in Korea too, so I won't have to BS my phonics classes anymore (if I get them anyways). I've also used their books before for some classes and I've liked working with them. Not to mention the hours are pretty on par with what I am doing now.

i think I feel pretty good about the academy I will visit on Saturday. I spoke with the head teacher and she's already super friendly! ✨

I have an in-person interview on Saturday o: they will also show me the apartment since its empty right now.

LRT: as someone who legit read Killing Stalking from start to finish I have no idea how -anyone- can see it as a loving uguuu :3c relationship. That webtoon fucked me up and the horror elements are so real (especially with the crazy murder guy's mom)

i hope it goes well!! the salary is 2.4m korean won which is like-- a bajillion CAD lmao

I'm going to visit an academy i saw that was hiring online in person so i can avoid the darn recruiter 😤

these howl redraws i keep seeing on the tag are giving me life

i havent had an appetite since I've literally had heartburn for like 4 hours but i figure i may as well.. try to eat something...dfsdfsd

i think I might have already found a new job but we'll see how this one goes...

i was supposed to start working at a Korean public school in August but all the public school applications were cut due to budget changes and COVID-19. So here I am scrambling to find work for when I am done at my current location.

The 200 something Gil is good too... Very good

Next I really want to get that 200+ dollar kingu statue but maybe when fate/strange fake airs, there will be an enkidu statue?

A strong scent of chemicals assaulted my senses is this normal lmao??

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Some things I ordered from Japan arrived today.. I can finally throw away my broken headphones 😔

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