Alright! So, today is another Bandcamp Friday, which means that they will not take any revenue share for whatever you decide to pay artists on the platform.

So here is a little thread about black artists (on Bandcamp mostly but not only) who could use the support.

First, I found this google doc:

Which is a list of literally several hundreds of black producers and labels with music available on bandcamp. It was started by zach fruit (@/zacharyfruit) on twitter:

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If you're into punk, I also found this tweet:

It links to an article who lists several black punk (several subgenres) bands:

Most of which have a bandcamp

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The official Bandcamp twitter has also shared this tweet ( which links to this:

"A list of artists and labels with special releases, including many donating to organizations in support of racial justice and change"

You can also check out their twitter if you've got the time, as they retweeted a bunch of artists who said they'd be donating.

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A little different, and not Bandcamp related, @micrackbiron shared a couple of links on behalf of their black friend, Carolyn Renee:

→ The Interplay Atlanta, a non-profit arts group:
→ Southeast Community Cultural Center "ArtsXchange":

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If, however, you decide that you also want to check out my own stuff, you can do so here:

Again, if you like what I do enough to give me some money: absolutely everything I get today will be donated to as many of these funds as I can:

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Hey, I'm going to sleep because it's 1.30am here already lmao but the event is still going for a couple of hours^^
Good night, fediverse

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@Alice_Dantor aw, thanks for resharing! I forgot it was supposed to be Bandcamp 😂 - I'll see if any of my friends have one.

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