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Hey, everyone!
There's another on June 5th, where the platform will once again waive their revenue share!

As such, I've decided to donate whatever I get on this day +from my own purse to as many of these funds as I can: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#do
(you can check those out and donate yourself too if you can! There's also a link to a video you can watch that donates all its add revenue and features the work of black artists.) [1/2]

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HOWEVER, I highly encourage you to prioritise supporting black artists instead!
And I know I may not have much of a platform, but I would like to help boosting their voices.

So if you are a black artist/know black artists who could use the support, you can reply with your/their name(s)/links under this post, and I'll share them. [2/2]

(Also, I forgot to specify it but keep in mind that the event will begin on June 5th starting from MIDNIGHT PDT! That's UTC-7, so if you're in France like me, it starts at 8am!)

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today is the day!
I haven't been up for long but I will make a thread a little later, I just need to, like, format what I'm gonna post

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@Alice_Dantor thanks for the reminder! there are other black artists in my life I want to support too. I'll ask them if it's ok first 😉

@Alice_Dantor My friend Carolyn Renee is part of this arts group interplayatlanta.org/ which is also a nonprofit, and she could use the support! Thank you so much

@Alice_Dantor she's on the bottom left in the picture on the homepage 😉

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