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I'm Alice, a 21yo trans lesbian from France and this is my toot ✨

I'm a guitar/bass player, a pianist, and occasional singer who listens to a lot of different types of music and, sometimes, I make my own stuff, which is what this account is for °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
And yeah, I think that's about it^^
Cheers ✌️

(btw, profile and banner pics were made by @Mirima ! Thx a lot bro 😎)

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aaaaand it's past midnight, here in Baguette-land, which means I am allowed to release that EP I've been talking about for a little while now.

As usual, you can listen to it on:

Bandcamp: (where you can also buy it if you want, since, once again, Bandcamp is waiving their fee in a few hours)

or Youtube:

Cheers! ✨

can you tell I've been listenin to some Jacob Collier, lately?

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there's also another track where I recorded my guitalele (including me hitting it a bunch of times), my melodica, and...

a bottle of water

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this one's the most ambitious I've made so far
there's nearly 50 guitar tracks

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very close to finishing a third track for my next release (it's got 7 tho)

I am once again delaying the album I've been meaning to release after my Poison Candy EP
I started 6 new tracks that don't really fit what I had in mind for it, so I'm gonna make something else out of that, either an EP or a shorter-than-usual album

I made a cleaner structure chart for that track

turns out I had made a couple of mistakes regarding some time signatures and also the amount of bars per section lmao

soloin over that is gonna be difficult

and that's the structure of the track I spent 5 hours on last night lmao

just sat down for literally 5 hours and composed, like, 95% of all the rhythm guitars and drums for a new track

getting more shit done
(same track as the sheet music I posted yesterday)

I'm usually not a fan of mixolydian but eh, it seemed right when I wrote the progression

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so it goes from a brief
D lydian b7
to D mixolydian
to C lydian
back to D mixolydian

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I recorded this last night, with some slight modifications in rhythm

this is played over, like, a filtered lo-fi-ish drum beat
The chords go:
E/D5 | Esus4/D5 | Dadd9 | Dadd9 |
Em/C5 | Esus4/C5 | Dadd9 | Dadd9 |

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I'm gonna need you to appreciate these quarter note triplets across bars tho

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@Alice_Dantor Found another music link on bandcamp: Genre: “Genre-Defying Music from the African diaspora”

Hey, I'm going to sleep because it's 1.30am here already lmao but the event is still going for a couple of hours^^
Good night, fediverse

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If, however, you decide that you also want to check out my own stuff, you can do so here:

Again, if you like what I do enough to give me some money: absolutely everything I get today will be donated to as many of these funds as I can:

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