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people are always like "wow, my social network of choice is total garbage and getting worse every day! I want to leave and go somewhere better! And No I Will Not Join Mastodon Stop Asking."

like...?? what? Why is it that there's this innate disinterest in trying Mastodon, from everyone, to the point that they dismiss the very idea as silly? they know that they can make their own Instances and defederate from all of us who are already here, if we're the problem, right? They'd get to have their own version of Twitter with any community balance they want. What keeps them away when their experience can be however they want it to be? What reasons are left?

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As I'm checking around, it looks to me like the most common visitor to your feeder is the cape sparrow.

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So tired... I barely got to paint over the last few weeks. But yesterday I felt the urge again, so I did some quick sketches.

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Pronunciation /anˈtɪsɪpeɪt/
[with object]
1 Regard as probable; expect or predict.
1.1 Guess or be aware of (what will happen) and take action in order to be prepared.
1.2 Look forward to.

from Latin anticipat- ‘acted in advance’, from anticipare, based on ante- ‘before’ + capere ‘take’.


For those who anticipate the arrival of the WotD post, your time is NOW!

While I don't see them every day, I was very happy to see a second monarch butterfly visiting our milkweed today. It even landed on several different plants. It is too bad that the flowers are passed so the monarch couldn't get a snack.

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software politics 

Ultimate Guitar's interface is terrible. It doesn't serve the lyrics and chords directly, but sends some JavaScript that fetches it. It's a broken design and arbitrarily restricts how one can access community-provided chord charts. I'm working on a Python script that scrapes it, but we need a better way for the community to share chord charts. is very convincing option, and I will be contributing to it. The only problem is that I can't find the source code for the program. Although that's not a big deal as it's easily scrapable and works without JavaScript.

Community-sourced data should belong to the community. It should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to use it, and decisions relating to the data that affect how it can be used should be made by the community. Proprietary control of crowd-sourced data has been used against the community in so many ways in the past, including with MuseScore's sheet music.


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Imaginary studies have shown that clowns are happier when exposed to friendship and conversation.

We call this experiment , and we invite you to avoid the doldrums of being in the placebo group by dropping by anytime starting at 8pm UTC-5.

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If you had to use a simple, verb-centric sentence to describe Mastodon, what would it be?


Pronunciation /ˈrɛləv(ə)nt/
1 Closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered.
1.1 Appropriate to the current time, period, or circumstances; of contemporary interest.

Latin relevant- ‘raising up’, from Latin relevare.


I suppose it is irrelevant that relevant has not been a word of focus while germane has been. Words used are theoretically random.

Today's pizza image is probably irrelevant, too.

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Society goals: Create so many valid genders and pronouns that it forces governments to do the math and realize it's cheaper to just stop collecting that data entirely.

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I tried to remember the other monotreme besides platypuses, but echidna think of it.

One rich "space shot" has now achieved his space shot goal.


Pronunciation /rɪˈkant/
[no object]
Say that one no longer holds an opinion or belief, especially one considered heretical.

Mid 16th century from Latin recantare ‘revoke’, from re- (expressing reversal) + cantare ‘sing, chant’.


My opinion, strong,
They wanted me to recant.
But that would just be wrong.
Sorry, I simply can't.

[I must say that attempt at was slightly canted to the left. Wry, oh wry did you make me do it?]

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Anyone know of a free pdf editor that can handle layers? I just need to insert an image on a layer, delete another layer and save the pdf, that's all

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Looking for art jobs - concept art, illustration etc. - remote or in Stockholm. I almost take anything.


Pronunciation /ˈtɪtʃi/
adjective titchier, titchiest
informal British
Very small.


Today's WotD is so titchy, there's no room for an image.

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