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Acting as an interim and temporary measure.
A temporary substitute or device.


Bob didn't have time to enough time to polish his image for today. He made do with something makeshift.

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Why don’t you get notifications for follower requests?

It just feels like something you should get.

I mean not that it really applies to me I don’t get follower requests that often but still...

Does Hello Fresh become Hello Stale if you are unexpectedly unable to cook for three days after the shipment arrives?

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Butterfly Stomp Waltz: A Beaks Thriller

Fast paced, engaging, well written

Highly Recommended


informal, humorous

Mid 19th century formed irregularly from splendour.


Melanie's hat was splendiferous, but also quite heavy, since the fruit perched atop it was all real.

Four Day Week

Fry day
Frei day
My day!

to all!

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@djsundog here, introducing a new account in the toot-lab

This is where I'll be talking about my experiences building #rosalind, a 3d printer, according to the specifications developed by @qwazix and described at

Feel free to follow along if you are so inclined!

I wonder, now that beer is brewed with tea and lemon peels... beer with coffee grounds next?

Weed/Wildflower Wednesday

This is a flat-topped flower of the Sow Thistle - Sonchus oleraceus which wasn't 'in bloom' yesterday...but is today.

Will it have gone to seed by tomorrow? I'll plan to check.

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The term "permissive licence/s" ought not be used; it's a couple of loaded words, tilted towards #proprietarysoftware (to make it sound virtuous). Guess what licence they call "restrictive". As if liberty is restriction, war is peace etc.
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I'm thinking it might finally be time for me to add a #3d printer to the lab. Looking to prototype structural parts and cases for some of my tinkering experiments.

There are a lot of options.

Looking to keep initial costs under $500.

Hit me with your experiences and recommendations.

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i want to get old for all my friends who couldn’t, so i can be eighty-something looking at my wrinkles and thinking about how their wrinkles might have looked when they smiled

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Something bearish,
Somewhat squarish,
Put it there: wish.
Never perish.


Thanks for making the connection.

I cannot ensure that I will consistently be witty or informative, so take control of your home timeline.

You can decide, at any time, to drop me.

Have fun.
Be safe.


Thank you for reaching out to connect.

Good luck making the fediverse broad, diverse, supportive and friendly.

Sometimes you can ask me, "Can you give me a hand?" and you'll get your wish.

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