Not only did your link work, the video makes my few words into something special.

Thank you.



Baited breath...

hope the link is coming soon.

I like this word scramble from today's calendar...


at least once it is unscrambled!


Will it become available on Barnes and Noble for the Nook?


It was afforce which had the "rare" label. Sorry if I misspoke.

Attrition is very common here. Many jobs are eliminated "by attrition" as people choose to leave on their own or to retire.

I had not encountered "attrit" as a verb, though. I was not too surprised that it existed. That's as far as I went in my search this morning, though.

@_aD @udell_games

I shall, as they say,

"keep that in mind".

Take that as you will.

*Afforce* was new to me, not surprising, as the dictionary says it is rarely used.

It made me wonder if there was an antonym. It turns out that *attrit* is a verb which describes reducing membership of a group.

That is probably more familiar as the noun *attrition*.

It is quiet here.
The furnace has paused its regular chugging as it provides heat.
The cat, licking her paw while sitting on the heat grate, is silent.
For the moment, no cars are rushing up the street.
It is quiet here.


[with object]
Reinforce (a body of people) with new members.

Middle English (in the sense ‘to force’): from Old French aforcier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + force (from Latin fortis ‘strong’).


We can always hope that our brilliant written repartee will attract new people and afforce our WotD participation.


Thank you for adding my toots to your home stream.

If time passes and you stop enjoying/tolerating what I've posted, feel free to unburden yourself.

Have fun.
Be safe.


Having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage.

Early 17th century: from obsolete French astut or Latin astutus, from astus ‘craft’.


Alvin was astute enough to have doubts about advertising claims.

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What if privacy law was as strict as copyright law nowadays? You are not allowed to copy any private information about someone until 70 years after their death, even if it was non-commercial, and you can sue the heck (that is: €€€) out of someone if they do.
And then do the reverse to copyright law: copying anything copyrighted is the standard, creators who don't want it are refuted with "Oh, but you don't have something to hide, do you?", and Big Tech and Government actively help people to copy work from creators and to spread it further.

Autonomy, that's for me.
You can have it too, for free.
You have nothing to rehearse.
Just join me in the Fediverse.



Merci de vous connecter avec moi.

Je parle seulement un peu français.

J'espère de vous comprendre.

@wordsmith @tellio

May the fediverse gradually and thoughtfully grow to provide a wide and deep (and comfortably safe) federated experience for all sorts of use.


The poem for which I am gushing praise with my own silly ditty about the lovely phrase "exponential literature" is visible here:


I guess the hashtag opens it to public view??

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