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hot dogs on the grill
happy family gathered
hope the sun shines bright


Mad; crazy.

1940s: from the name of a psychiatric hospital at Yarra Bend, Victoria.


I've never been to Yarra Bend in Australia. I'm often close to going 'round the bend, from doing these yarra daily words!



Pandoc also lets me automatically convert my combined HTML file into EPUB.

EPUB is essentially a zip file format which combines all my images with the text should it become valuable to share the journal at some point.

I have not shared it. I cannot imagine anyone being interested, but I do recommend the process as useful for developing mixed-media writing. It would also work for word-focused writing, as well.

If you would be interested, I'll write up my process to share.


While the daily words are in the journal, its contents go beyond them.

The journal began as a way to test some software tools. I passed through a few before settling on writing in Markdown format using the text editor of my chosen GNU/Linux distribution. I process that through the Pandoc utility to convert the daily entries into year-spanning files. It is a routine for me, these days and offers me a one-stop log of my daily online meanders.



Thank you for making the connection.

I am not a ham radio person, sadly, though I once thought I would be.

Idioms or common phrases (Mostly American idioms in English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW/DM to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: unlikely


Thank you for walking...

...and sharing.


I'm always looking for opportunities to expand my own English skills, for sure.

Good luck with your new site.


In the case you write Slovenian for these toots, I probably will not follow it, ah well.


Is it still okay to keep a toothpick in the corner of one's mouth?

How about a stiff sprig of grass?

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Thank you.

Your connection adds to my day's joy (and will undoubtedly continue for many days to come).

I cannot claim effective coding skills, dabbling only with minor things over the years, scratching my own itches. Good luck with your works.

Retired. Lots of quality time which I try not to waste...though how much it is wasted is for others to judge!

To lead is to seed.
Educate. Do not plead.
If it's done right.
Ideas get freed.

Sometimes a trickle.
Sometimes a flood.
Ideas are good
Even if you don't make a nickel.


Ah, but the accepted dogma of "dominion" spurs humans to ignore "natural" in an effort to re-make the Eden from which they were so callously dumped.

Human actions have intentionally unrecognized consequences.


You are welcome to my advice.
It comes with but one price.
Cut it up fine and
Give everyone a slice!

is a self-filling pitcher. No matter how often we pour our ideas onto the page, the blog, the fediverse, new ones or, at least, provoking variations fill the temporary void.

As a corollary, avoiding the step of pouring out the ideas can have the effect of merely bottling and capping the output, trapping the creative process itself.

Moral: Don't hold it in. Pour your ideas freely. Who cares if nobody else cares! And there's a chance someone will make something useful in the end!

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