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Thanks for the connection.

I think we probably touched base a few times when I was on .cloud, but I slithered away to .art and you had to do all the work to find me here.

Thanks for making the effort.

Word of the Day


A sumo wrestling tournament.

Japanese, from ba ‘place, occasion’ + shō ‘place, locality’.


Marco took a break from the World Cup tournament by visiting a basho on his Asian trip.

He was surprised to find the wrestlers were having their own difficulty concentrating.


It looks like it might be a fairly doable retrofit. It works with four washers mounted at the corners of the print plate which make a circuit back to the hot end and the Cura slicer software routine runs out to touch down on them in sequence. I wonder if there might be an Instructable about it.


Thanks for connecting.

Do you use both Puffinux accounts equally?

Should I follow both?

I've settled on just using one account, I think.


Thanks for making this connection.

I think you are the third person from your instance today!

I have a user's perspective on GNU/Linux and otherwise talk about mostly foolish stuff I enjoy doing.

Follow until it suits you not to do so.


Thanks for connecting.

I love the range of people with whom I can interact here in the fediverse.

Always remember, your home stream is under your control.
Add and drop people as you see fit.

Are you hosting your own CryptPad?
Do you like using it?

Fathers Day Gift

Garden Gnome with shirt and wire frame glasses customized by my son to look more like me.

But, I'm a KDE groupie!


Thanks for making the connection.

OSS instead of FOSS or FLOSS?

Acronyms confuse me sometimes.


Not that there's a problem with that.


But it took you an hour to say so!


Thanks for the connection.

It is way cool how many neat people are here part time in the fediverse.

Now, the full-timers...not so sure.


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Hello and welcome!

Thanks for making the connection.

If you enjoy my stuff in your home column, I am ecstatic.

Still, time may pass and you'll grow beyond my silly stuff. Drop me when you wish. Home is your space to fill while the federated timeline is charging along elsewhere.

Ask questions.
Somebody may be around who will answer right away, but this is also an asynchronous place.

Enjoy. Have fun. Be safe.

shine down on my head
it's covered with a ball cap
safe from summer's sun

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A "paintress", eh?

...and one with open source leanings, too.

What more could I ask

Thanks for the connection.


Thanks for connecting.

It's always a treat
When someone new I meet.
Expect little that's elite.
Though maybe less sour, more sweet.

It's especially nice to engage with two new people at the same time!
Will I get duplicate opinions or nuanced differences, I wonder.