New England August
bright sun is again burning
heat is returning

the parched lawn awaits
potential summer showers
but none for today

bird in the bathroom
was not happy it was trapped.

at dawn, a damp lawn
a baking day is ahead
summer's heat is here

is it humid? check!
is it also way too hot?
check! summer for sure.

fireworks last night
nothing official, for sure
not even legal

quiet dawn today
expecting some thunderstorms
with summer's hot air

summertime is here
and its heat is present, too
dry lawns already

brush cut yesterday
trip to town's recycling place
part of a spring day

after spring showers
puddles of standing water
will dry in the sun

sunny, cool in May
a perfect day; go out, play
tomorrow it's June

bright sun on shoulders
cooling north breezes prevent
overheated work

our inspiration
it's as easy as breathing
spring into action

a chill on the wind
mothers all wrapped up in coats
still a rite of spring

Happy Mothers Day

with spring-green tresses
trees, weeds and lawns, everything
dressed for the season

long hours of daylight
obscured by heavy rainfall
snow stays to the north

crusted windshield ice
that part of spring is not nice
warm sun will melt it

sun shining brightly
since the dawn has now arrived
warmth of early spring

puzzled by the dawn
the darkness of night has gone
earlier wake up

rain, maple seedlings
clear indication of spring
stay indoors all day?

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