bright morning sunshine
glancing off fresh fallen snow
cold now with a breeze

sixty eight degrees
after a night with drizzle
sunny winter day?

the morning's sunshine
a bright january day
forgets our team's loss

half rolls of paper
the after christmas quandry
keep or stuff landfills?

sun rising up late
solstice is now passed this year
more sunshine coming

puzzling is fun
if it is properly done
avoid Christmas rush

sunny skies aloft
crusty white snow, not so soft
early winter scene

a forecast of snow
on the first of december
plan for long winter

raindrops pelting down
chilly air surrounding me
still must get donuts

Toes froze overnight.
"I have a code in my nose,"
Said the programmer.


afternoon with flakes
well, for heaven's sake, my friends
sure looks like winter

(number 2)

a glaze on the pond
surely not safe yet to walk
but if cold lingers...

Now back inside.
Small hitch in the side.
Some sweat in each pit,
So, for a while, I shall sit.

(my own response to my - my life in rhyme...some of the time)

will go outside soon
leaves should be gone before noon
the neighbors' sake

hurry, hurry, now
get it done before a flake
rake, for heaven's sake

wet leaves on the lawn
can stay there until they're dry
ignore weekend's work

I think I like version 2 with a word substitution to prevent doubling up on "hard", slightly better.

"Everything is a Work-in-Progress."


hard rains and strong winds
still most leaves cling to the trees
reluctant season

hard rains and hard winds
still most leaves cling to the trees
reluctant season

leaves drain chlorophyll
some still green, bright yellows, reds
more color up north

morning chill is here
the air is still, crisp and bright
fall, it's everywhere

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