Pronunciation /ˈdɛf(ə)r(ə)ns/
mass noun
Polite submission and respect.

Mid 17th century from French déférence, from déférer ‘refer’ (see defer).


Yes, I'll write you a reference.
It will be full of pretense,
Or, at best, lots of nonsense.
But in full deference,
And if you prefer,
To our boss, I'll gladly defer.


Though, to this point, at least, nobody has complained, the image for the original post for today has a glaring flaw.

I'm simply going to post an updated version of the illustration and leave it as an extra for you to decide if you notice the problem.

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@Algot The comma is in the wrong place. Should be after the "III."



Two mistakes in one thread!

I should just give up shooting for adequacy...much less, perfection!

@Algot Oh, there's another? I can only see that the description uses the word "evidenced" which does not exist. But it's so common now that it's basically acceptable.


The other error is a visual one, part of the image/illustration.


Thank you for helping me see that I should have made things more evident.

@Algot Oh yeah, the chair's cut off. Didn't look at the first one til now.


I can only do so much of your work for you, you know! [wink]

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