I've been asked to recommend a Masto instance for people who are interested in and

What are your suggestions?


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Hi @Algot

I can't make any sugestion but it's worth exploring this #trunk lists, tell your friends about this people tooting about those topics


@Algot @Capheind we're a food instance primarily but have a few gardeners here and welcome any kind of plant-based chat

@Algot I haven't found a wholly satisfactory one myself. I just try to follow interesting gardeners where i can. One issue with the Fediverse is you'll find plenty of folks interested in gardening as a means to an ideological end, but its a bit more work finding people passionate about gardening itself.


This answer is very helpful.
I am a member of a local FOSS user group. One of the other active members is a botanist/gardener.

I've take the liberty of using your reply in my notes published for the group Let me know if it's a problem and I'll remove/modify it.

Thank you, @stereo

I'll keep that one in my back pocket for now. The group for which I asked the question is creeping towards getting involved in the fediverse via Mastodon. Introducing a new protocol might be a tough sell at this point.


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