Thank you for connecting.

It is interesting that you've gotten back into this social media thing at about the same time as a bunch of people in South Asia. Several new voices are here and sharing their experience.

It may turn out that my toots are not significant to you over time. Feel free to drop me, as you see fit.

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.

@Algot Hello, I look forward to some meaningful interactions. Thank you for the follow-back. I suppose it is a nice coincidence that I joined around the same time as the SA influx, seeing as how I have family history in that region. Thanks again for connecting. Hope to see you around the fediverse.



I tend to visit the fediverse early in the US east coast day, and then intermittently after that. Connecting with Canada is generally easy on a "live" basis.

South Asia connections generally means somebody is up late or even earlier.

Still, by the path of notifications, conversations are possible even if time-shifted several hours.

Now, as to "meaningful", you may need to be patient with me. I'm prone to foolishness. I'm even supine to silliness, from time to time.


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@Algot I’m currently closer to South Asia than Eastern Canada so the time zones shouldn’t be an issue. I think your afternoons are my evenings at the moment.

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