the act of starting up / visiting / checking in on a given app... argh, is there a name for this?

I'm going to call it engagement, but I hate that word :(

@Algot the closeset I can think of that isn't a noun is "drive", eg "driving users to use it" or whatever. but i need it in the form of a noun. the definition "invocation" in that form i fear is a bit too muddy (e.g. as an entreaty)

@Algot The motivation has to be intrinsic though.... like a specific example to this end I use (this is in a preso, lol) is notification alerts. But sometimes users launch of their own accord.


Sounds like you're looking for something evoking "attractiveness" or "desire" to open/use...sort of like the near-obsessive urge to check to see if a new fediverse notification has come for me!

@Algot yes exactly! maybe "motivation" would be the right term???



I do like that better than "engagement".

You could talk about intrinsic motivation to open the app because of its potential to meet a perceived need/desire.

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@Algot I'm going with it, thanks! Super helpful back and forth :)


Glad to have the opportunity.

It gave me the motivation to think about good words!

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