" Adobe is warning some owners of its Creative Cloud software applications that they’re no longer allowed to use older versions of the software. It’s yet another example of how in the modern era, you increasingly don’t actually own the things you’ve spent your hard-earned money on."

I replaced a spring yesterday in a very old lock. Will I be sued by modern electronic lock makers for infringement on their rights?

Corporate death throes?

Dump proprietary software.

@Algot I wouuldn't say "dumb it" but "buy wisely" There are enough alternatives out there which are on par with Adobe products and doesn't cost as much and let you own the bought product.

Adobe went the way of "rent-a-car" don't own that car you've rented.


I am coming from the perspective of FLOSS for my tools.

I would love to see more creative people get behind FLOSS tools, even it it is just because they cannot "own" a copy of proprietary software.

@Algot Well, I see it that way... if someone made something then is it his/her right to get something for making it, if someone other wants it.

I know, you can always hope for donations. But in the end humans are humans and if they can get something for free they take it without thinking about the creator.

Maybe I'm a little bit too pessimistic.

@JoKeR There are ways to make open source software and get paid. Commercial software isn't a panacea in that respect. Software is great in that the cost to make a million is the same as the cost to make one. However, if you plan to recoup the cost by selling 1000 and only sell 10 you are in trouble.

I disagree that you should get something for making it in some ways. In particular I feel limiting copyright length is a good thing. It encourages the writer/artist/etc to create more instead of living on royalties. If copyright lasted forever and we had good records of who owned the rights, would we have Disney movies based on fables? Would we have League of Extraordinary Gettlemen? Would we have Wicked?

I think you misunderstood what I meant.

For example Paint Tool SAI is created by one single person. It's an awesome tool and you get it illegal all over the net. But I think it's fair to pay for it because this guy does an awesome job.

On the other hand Adobe bought other very good tools (and the devolper) and went the way of renting the stuff under their own flag.
I disagreed to this practice from day one.
I still own a PS_CS2 and will never exchange it for a new or rented version.

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