Finding "kind" is like an orange
Gently peel back someone's bitter rind, and
You get to some juicy sweetness,
Exactly the kind you had in mind.

inspired by

(I originally thought "inspired by @heyarne on Mastodon" . But it is really "on the fediverse". I just use the great Mastodon tool to access the social space. I don't think I should make it a 'Kleenex' vs. 'tissue' confusion.)


Looking back, I do not know if I would have been as engaged by the if Mastodon had not given me access in the well organized way it does.

Still, I think we do ourselves a service by identifying our social space as "The Fediverse" or some later substitute which people find better, instead of any software's name. Using Mastodon to substitute for the sharing space seems to be silo-like thinking.

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"Just Google it" is a current common example of brand name misappropriations into language.

The nature of the is intended to be diverse in all sorts of ways.

While I do not expect to jump ship from the Mastodon client, I'm going to try to put "I read it on the fediverse" as one way to mention my source instead of "I read it on Mastodon."

Huge thanks to you, by the way, @Gargron

There, you see, I've done it inadvertently again.

I made it seem the was the baby of @Gargron when it is more properly the ActivityPub stanards group headed by @cwebber who stressed their lives over the codification of the information standard at the core of the fediverse.

Thank you, Chris, et. al.

While I'm at it, thanks to all the earlier federation efforts and their proponents who inspired the work of breaking the grip of the proprietary silos.

@kristofmaven @Gargron @cwebber

Yes, that's the point. And some successor software may become the core tool of the

I hope the space grows positively until the silos are simply satellites of the combined sistem, if present at all.

@Algot I wish there was a way to distinguish which fediverse-enabled platform that a given person is tooting from. I don't know if there's a part of ActivityPub that would allow that though.

cc @cwebber

@brandon @cwebber

You know, I think that is an interesting idea for the back end issues, but I'd like to think that the client was not a big deal to the people who interact within the

I think I should not be worried about whether the phone at the other end of my conversation was Android, iOS, Bell Labs, etc.

(Yes, I do know Bell Labs isn't an operating system...should I have said "UNIX/unics"?)

@brandon @Algot @cwebber
I'm curious, what do you hope to gain from that? isn't part of the beauty that video ( and music platforms ( are a part of all of this? It might be useful to hide messages your client can't deal with, but I haven't found this to be an issue so far.

@heyarne @Algot @cwebber you answered your own question. Also, it would be helpful for the human element of it

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