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I have no idea why @time and @HN

have followed, but if it serves a useful purpose, go for it.

I am intrigued by the STEM focus and the ridiculously large toot space, though.

CC @Curator

@freemo please refer to:
If you’d like help with this sort of bot UX, @kemonine is starting the code.
Thank you for supporting the Fediverse, @freemo

@freemo @Algot i did block them & assumed they auto-followed like the starfleet one. If im in the wrong, I will happily unblock. Tho I understand the value in a federation bot, this account federates for that purpose & to limit fake bot followers that follow everything.

@freemo @Curator

The underlying technology of bots and federation is very interesting, while technically over my head.

I hope my comment spurred useful discussion and not conflict.

@Algot @freemo no conflict. It’s just how things work. :-) I strive for human & purposeful interaction.

@freemo no, people should not have to opt-out or lose 6 characters in their profile description or have more rules in an already complicated ecosystem to learn. Opt out was created by people farmers like google or fb. My toot outlines my personal opinion & management of follow bots as opt-in.

c/ @Algot

@freemo @Curator

My comment was primarily wondering why the bots followed me personally. I copied to Curator because I'd read the post about bot "manners" and wanted to alert my admin.

I was not complaining.

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