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Algot @Algot


Congratulations on your initial effort.

May your future projects be as pleasing to you...

...and the rest of us watching as you share your efforts.

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Are you considering taking on in support of your writing/poetry/music, or just for your own reasons?

@Algot Thank you so much! I'm very new with this hobby. ☺️ Have been doing a lot of bed leveling in the recent days.


Choosing the Lulzbot Mini printer took bed leveling out of my learning curve. It is built into the pre-print routine.


It looks like it might be a fairly doable retrofit. It works with four washers mounted at the corners of the print plate which make a circuit back to the hot end and the Cura slicer software routine runs out to touch down on them in sequence. I wonder if there might be an Instructable about it.