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Thank you for linking.
So you know what I'm thinking.
It's coffee I'm drinking.
From hard work, I'm shrinking.

Tomorrow's a dream.
So for today, I'll scheme.
Filling out a paperless ream,
With no solid, fixed theme.

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Word of The Day 

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1 Able to be reached; accessible or achievable.
1.1 Able to be contacted.


Generally, these days, people are still reachable by telephone, though it may be no longer a land line.


Welcome from your new instance.

I presume that you remain in comfortable Lake Ontario, otherwise.


1 A habitual gesture or way of speaking or behaving.
1.1 Psychiatry An ordinary gesture or expression that becomes abnormal through exaggeration or repetition.
2 mass noun - Excessive use of a distinctive style in art, literature, or music.


Bob was often accused of expressing himself with a mannerism, perhaps in a passive/aggressive way, through an exaggerated shrug.


"Am I real?"
That's the way I feel
When I wake to dawn
And try not to yawn.

Then drop some small verse
Here in the Fediverse
Sometimes too rash
And with very little splash.

It isn't for fame
And surely not blame
Just seeking to express,
Relieving "that stress".

Sometimes a Star
A Boost from afar
But here is the deal,
"Are YOU real?"

If you needed an excuse, hug someone today. It's sanctioned by an official day:

Therefore, here are my virtual hugs to those who want them.


I apologize for not recognizing the prior connection. I've built a large list of people I follow over time.

A "moved" instance? That's the first time I've heard of that.

Is it a new admin or really just a change of domain/server kind of thing?


Please also let me know if a follow request from me is appropriate.


Greetings to you in Wales from here in New England. Thanks for connecting. Was it automated by the instance or a well-considered choice?

My daughter loves cooking in a slow cooker. Her only problem is doing mixes which fill it to the brim every time! What a counter full of ingredients while she prepares.

If my posts become to silly to bear, drop me from your list.

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.


1 Highly pleasant to the taste.
1.1 Delightful.

Middle English (also in the sense ‘characterized by sensuous indulgence’): via Old French from late Latin deliciosus, from Latin deliciae (plural) ‘delight, pleasure’.


Recipes reveal resplendent riches
Tasty tarts, tremendous treats
Delectable, delightful, delicious dishes
Egregiously elegant, extravagant eats.

bright morning sunshine
glancing off fresh fallen snow
cold now with a breeze


adjective jazzier, jazziest
1 Of, resembling, or in the style of jazz.
2 Bright, colorful, and showy.


Joe performed with pizazz and finesse even though his outfits were never jazzy.

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Happy weekend from here, fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around a square.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: Delayed

Embroidery is a simple with one answer. Start with one of the letters with a gray background and move to the next letter, but only horizontal or vertical from where you start. No diagonals - each square just once.

Please use DM or CW to give answers to let everyone enjoy the search!

Starting with one of the letters in a
gray square, find the hidden word.
Next letter horizontal or vertical from
the first. No diagonals.
No square may be used again.

Dad Joke 


1 (of light or colour) very bright.
2 Exceptionally clever or talented.
2.1 Outstanding; impressive.
3 British informal Excellent; marvellous.
as exclamation ‘‘Brilliant!’ he declared excitedly’
A diamond of brilliant cut.

Late 17th century from French brillant ‘shining’,


The dawn now past was brilliant. Clouds dominate in advance of forecast snow.

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asking for help, raspi, waveshare e-paper, boosts++ 


So many weeks pass with...

Foolishly forgotten on Friday

""It's a crafted blend of vitamins.


I was worried each bottle came with a random mix.

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