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Thank you for linking.
So you know what I'm thinking.
It's coffee I'm drinking.
From hard work, I'm shrinking.

Tomorrow's a dream.
So for today, I'll scheme.
Filling out a paperless ream,
With no solid, fixed theme.

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Word of The Day 

It's about using words, of course, but, while an occasional favorite or boost happens, there's little engagement.

A two-part Challenge Proposal:

A) Post a toot using the word in any way, sentence, story, analysis, rhyme...

B) Doodlers and Artists, use the word as the subject of a

Get in on the fun of words and visual imagination.

Start today?

Remember to use the hashtag, of course.

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Thanks to anyone who decides to follow this account.

I have a habit of responding to all who do so, but this is a second account, and I may mess up when trying to determine who is a new follower and who is "also" following after connecting by way of my account.

It is not my intent to litter myself all over the fediverse. I will see how things go. I've made connections with several others on and think I'll feel at home here while NOT restricting my toots to artistic attempts. It looks like the instance won't generally mind.

Words have art in them, too.

Good luck to all of us.

Strength to the fediverse through the efforts of individuals.

The sun shines down on our planet, taking no notice of our condition.

We, in the meantime, squander its energy, too often grasping just for self, well after we have garnered a surplus.

Then we select, pick and choose, offering our "largesse" to some...always with strings so things cannot go to far. Aren't we swell, sharing and all.

We come to think we deserve our place.

The sun still shines. The universe takes no notice of all.



1 A thing of little value or importance.
1.1 in singular A small amount of something.
2 British A cold dessert of sponge cake and fruit covered with layers of custard, jelly, and cream.

trifle with - Treat without seriousness or respect.

The verb derives from Old French truffler ‘mock, deceive’.


Let us not just trifle with today's word.

Wait! Why not?

We can always do "serious" tomorrow.

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Anyone know of good books that fit these descriptions:

A) a history of the African continent? Like a pan-African history? Stress on 20th century would be awesome.

B) history of Native Americans? with a stress particularly on their treatment in the US?

C) history of Mexico? Once again a stress on modern and contemporary history in particular.

D) any other good history book recommendations are also welcome


Thanks for the connection.

Welcome from a time zone which still has sunshine when yours has gone dark.

I hope the sun shines when you need it to and that you have mechanisms to brighten most of your dark times.

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.

If some home improvement companies make outlandish claims... others make inlandish claims?

Pandemic Punnish Ponder 

Being "spaced out" didn't use to be a recommended behavior.

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I heard Adobe CC server is having an outage and people are locked out of their software, but I wouldn't know because my #photography software is #FOSS, so it doesn't phone home or require a EULA or some multinational cooperation's permission to use.

#darktable #gimp #rawtherapee #ArtWithOpenSource

Every day provides me the opportunity to thank you all for being part of the stream flowing by on the social media stream.

Today, I remembered to mention it.




Of or relating to an odometer; especially designating or relating to measurements made using an odometer.

Late 19th century. From odometer + -ic see -metric.


There's no need to be rash
Or take the chance to crash
The odometer in the dash
Works fine at slow speeds, too.

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Who called them "incorrect answers to subtraction questions" and not 

"Creative differences"

Business Card:

"My business is none of your business!"



mass noun

The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses.

Late Middle English from Latin cognitio(-), from cognoscere ‘get to know’.


The voyage to cognition
Begins with sparked ignition
And with routine repetition
Becomes life's long condition,
You continue without attrition
Till you do complete the mission.

*Deliberate Delay*

Rushing headlong ahead
Anticipating with dread
It can sometimes be better
To scrub and delay, instead.

(NASA and SpaceX move launch to next window.)



Merci de me suivre.

Je peux lire français un peu, mais j'ecris comme un eleve.

I cannot claim to be a coder, but am always open to learning more.

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.

*Bug Season*

Bugs fly into my face
They seem to now be every place.
I do not take it with much grace.
Rather they'd leave me alone apace.

Yet way, way up above
I see the swallows swoop with love,
To grab a bug or ten, a trove!
I'll shoo my bugs, wear gloves.

Chasing convenience, my sons
With sprays and creepy poisons
Is a scheme to deploy guns
Against how the world runs.

(Thanks for the inspiration @dogtrax )


/ˈjaNGɡəl/ /ˈdʒæŋɡəl/
1 Make or cause to make a ringing metallic sound, typically a discordant one.
1.1 with object (with reference to nerves) set on edge.
in singular
A ringing metallic sound.

Middle English (in the sense ‘talk excessively or noisily, squabble’): from Old French jangler, of unknown origin.

After all was said and done, Wile E. Coyote was left with only a persistent jangling in his ears as the road runner, once again, ran off.

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Mastodon protip. Please fill in your profile, have an avatar and post an introduction post. If you don't, nobody will reply to you.


Thanks for connecting.
I hope you will settle in here. The "fediverse" has shown itself to be a friendly place.

I hope you will move ahead with expanding your profile. I like to know those who have connected.
A nice post is a good idea, too. You can pin it so it will show first when somebody clicks your user name.

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.

Napus Interruptus

Flat tire in the middle of the night.
An appointment was needed
At every tire shop in sight.
So, until that time I proceeded
To catch up with the sleep I'd missed.
And now I think you get the gist.

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