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Monday Mumble

For those who are (or might become) fans of Sunday's weekly "Wicked Wonderful Wordies" visual idiom --

There are currently 35 sets of 12 wordies in PDF format available.

Direct your browser to:

Please feel free to share the PDF files with family and friends...even casual acquaintances!

Reminder: a new puzzle will appear here in the fediverse on Sundays...until they run out.

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Thank you for linking.
So you know what I'm thinking.
It's coffee I'm drinking.
From hard work, I'm shrinking.

Tomorrow's a dream.
So for today, I'll scheme.
Filling out a paperless ream,
With no solid, fixed theme.

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Word of The Day 

It's about using words, of course, but, while an occasional favorite or boost happens, there's little engagement.

A two-part Challenge Proposal:

A) Post a toot using the word in any way, sentence, story, analysis, rhyme...

B) Doodlers and Artists, use the word as the subject of a

Get in on the fun of words and visual imagination.

Start today?

Remember to use the hashtag, of course.

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Thanks to anyone who decides to follow this account.

I have a habit of responding to all who do so, but this is a second account, and I may mess up when trying to determine who is a new follower and who is "also" following after connecting by way of my account.

It is not my intent to litter myself all over the fediverse. I will see how things go. I've made connections with several others on and think I'll feel at home here while NOT restricting my toots to artistic attempts. It looks like the instance won't generally mind.

Words have art in them, too.

Good luck to all of us.

Strength to the fediverse through the efforts of individuals.

Fishy Dad Joke 

Is there an assumption that everybody is a fisherman...

...when they talk about net assets?


Pronunciation /ˈtraktəb(ə)l/
1 (of a person) easy to control or influence.
1.1 (of a situation or problem) easy to deal with.

Early 16th century from Latin tractabilis, from tractare ‘to handle’ (see tractate).


I appreciate all the efforts made to make algebra tractable for me. Those efforts were applied too early for me. Time, and mental maturity, was the eventual cure.

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26/ At the threshold

Pros of being a vampire in a rescue team: haemostatic saliva. One discreet lick, hey, that can save a life. Right now that could save his life, PROVIDED HE INVITES ME IN HIS HOME...

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Ahem...Dad Joke Trio 

Do seamstresses express appreciation by saying, "Thanks sew much!"?

Did that keep you in stitches?

Questioning Dad Joke 

How often does a fireplace chimney need a flue shot?

Anything I call work is fiction.
I cannot claim to do any IRL.

I have a strong urge
To munch. I'm on the verge...

I have a hunch
It is time for lunch.

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'I'm ... not really into all that "mate for life, sexy pheremones" sort of stuff,' they said.

The werewolf blushed. 'No, no! Nothing like that. It's mostly going for runs and having *very* comfortable naps.' She paused. 'You do get an aversion to baths, I guess, but who likes baths anyway?' she shuddered.

'I don't understand. Why me?'

'Well ... it's also about having a pack. A family. And I sort of thought ... you could use one.'

Holding back tears, the human nodded.

#microfiction #TootFic


Pronunciation /ɪnˈdɛmnɪti/
noun indemnities
mass noun
1 Security or protection against a loss or other financial burden.
1.1 Security against or exemption from legal liability for one's actions.
1.2 count noun A sum of money paid as compensation, especially one paid by a country defeated in war as a condition of peace.

from indemnis ‘unhurt, free from loss’.


Insurance is an ordinary person's indemnity against disaster. In practice, few are made whole.


Welcome to the fediverse!

I hope you will find the time spent "here" is worth it. For me, it has been.


Embroidery is a simple with one answer. Start with one of the letters with a gray background and move to the next letter, but only horizontal or vertical from where you start. No diagonals - each square just once.

Please use DM or CW to give answers to let everyone enjoy the search!

Starting with one of the letters in a
gray square, find the hidden word.
Next letter horizontal or vertical from
the first. No diagonals.
No square may be used again.
Minimum 7 letters

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Happy weekend from here, fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around the puzzle frame.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: limiting

a crisp, dry leaf falls
joining others on the lawn
summertime is gone

*A Fine Day*

A rising sun
Portends some fun,
A day of play,
We'll jump and run.

More calm at noon
We'll enjoy a boon
Of picnic lunch
And hum a tune.

Later on, a chance,
We may jointly glance
And then wind up
Hugging in a dance.

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Ode to the Bend in the River

Smoothed stone,
pottery and glass
meet you where
the bending

Where it's best
to sit in the quiet
of the movement,
to just listen in,

Every ripple of river,
a moment of wonder
which clears its voice,
and sings



Pronunciation /ɪnˌsɪnjʊˈɛndəʊ/
noun plural noun insinuendos
informal, mainly humorous
another term for insinuation

Late 19th century blend of insinuation and innuendo.


Alec dropped so many lame insinuendos about Mark at the party that, by the end, everyone congratulated Mark for keeping so much of Alec's attention.

I was considering using this image for my profile picture, but...

it's really an amateur file, so it probably won't do.


The problem with sharing things which are "tongue-in-cheek" is that people don't mind if my tongue is poked in my own cheek, but I've found they are a little reluctant to have my tongue in *their* cheek.

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The problem with sharing things which are "tongue-in-cheek" is that people don't mind if it is my tongue is poked in my own cheek, but I've found they are a little reluctant to have my tongue in *their* cheek.

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Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers II

Sharing is very appreciated.

Kubuntu Focus :kubuntu: 🇺🇸

Laptop With Linux :zorin: 🇳🇱

PineBook :manjaro: 🇨🇳

Slimbook :kde: :ubuntu: 🇪🇸

Star Labs :elementary: 🇬🇧

ThinkPenguin :linuxmint: :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Tuxedo :opensuse: 🇩🇪

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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