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Monday Mumble

For those who are (or might become) fans of Sunday's weekly "Wicked Wonderful Wordies" visual idiom --

There are currently 35 sets of 12 wordies in PDF format available.

Direct your browser to:

Please feel free to share the PDF files with family and friends...even casual acquaintances!

Reminder: a new puzzle will appear here in the fediverse on Sundays...until they run out.

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Thank you for linking.
So you know what I'm thinking.
It's coffee I'm drinking.
From hard work, I'm shrinking.

Tomorrow's a dream.
So for today, I'll scheme.
Filling out a paperless ream,
With no solid, fixed theme.

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Word of The Day 

It's about using words, of course, but, while an occasional favorite or boost happens, there's little engagement.

A two-part Challenge Proposal:

A) Post a toot using the word in any way, sentence, story, analysis, rhyme...

B) Doodlers and Artists, use the word as the subject of a

Get in on the fun of words and visual imagination.

Start today?

Remember to use the hashtag, of course.

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Thanks to anyone who decides to follow this account.

I have a habit of responding to all who do so, but this is a second account, and I may mess up when trying to determine who is a new follower and who is "also" following after connecting by way of my account.

It is not my intent to litter myself all over the fediverse. I will see how things go. I've made connections with several others on and think I'll feel at home here while NOT restricting my toots to artistic attempts. It looks like the instance won't generally mind.

Words have art in them, too.

Good luck to all of us.

Strength to the fediverse through the efforts of individuals.

Rain runs through our gutters
And drips down by the shutters,
A day to sit and watch TV
While watering the lawn for free.


Thank you for connecting.

Your Penguicon event sounds very cool.

My own time in Michigan was along the east shore of Lake Michigan.

I have passed by Detroit a few times, but except for reading about it in novels, have no direct experience that I recall.

Are you local to the Detroit area yourself?

Have fun.
Be creative.
Be safe.

Embroidery is a simple with one answer. Start with one of the letters with a gray background and move to the next letter, but only horizontal or vertical from where you start. No diagonals - each square just once.

Please use DM or CW to give answers to let everyone enjoy the search!

Starting with one of the letters in a
gray square, find the hidden word.
Next letter horizontal or vertical from
the first. No diagonals.
No square may be used again.
Minimum 7 letters

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Anyone one out there have any experience with the Vufine VUF-100 Wearable Display? Specifically, will it work with an RPI or Pine64 board. Feel free to boost.

gentle summer rain
patters upon my windshield
driving for donuts

Sunday Sillies -Wicked Wonderful Wordies -

Happy weekend from here, fans!

Idioms or common phrases (American/English) are represented by the position, shape or arrangement of words in or around the puzzle frame.

Can you figure out this week's wordie? It would be wicked wonderful if you can.

Please use CW to submit your answers, thanks. Give everybody the chance to guess.

Hint: keep at it


Pronunciation /ˈmʌmə/
1 An actor in a traditional masked mime or a mummers' play.
1.1 archaic, derogatory An actor in the theatre.

Late Middle English from Old French momeur, from momer ‘act in a mime’; perhaps of Germanic origin.


*Mime, My, My*

Hank Hornsby was a new mummer
His first time on stage was this summer.
And he turned out to be a real hummer
Because he couldn't have been more silent.

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Though, to this point, at least, nobody has complained, the image for the original post for today has a glaring flaw.

I'm simply going to post an updated version of the illustration and leave it as an extra for you to decide if you notice the problem.

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Pronunciation /ˈdɛf(ə)r(ə)ns/
mass noun
Polite submission and respect.

Mid 17th century from French déférence, from déférer ‘refer’ (see defer).


Yes, I'll write you a reference.
It will be full of pretense,
Or, at best, lots of nonsense.
But in full deference,
And if you prefer,
To our boss, I'll gladly defer.

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Three of my dozen thinkcentre's are refusing to boot after having an OS installed on them.

They boot fine from USB, but refuse to boot from internal SSDs.

The OS installs without issue.

The other machines in this line have also been fine.

Any ideas?

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crypto is short for "cryptography"

if you want a shorter word for "cryptocurrency", the word you are looking for is "ponzi"

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O Human Star rerun!
Al's internal structure is probably pretty cool. I should try a cross-section illustration, maybe.

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Looking for suggestions for a web-based RSS reader in the spirit of Pinboard (simple, fast and run by an indie).


Pronunciation /ˈsɛrɪməni/
noun ceremonies
1 A formal religious or public occasion, especially one celebrating a particular event, achievement, or anniversary.
1.1 An act or series of acts performed according to a traditional or prescribed form.

from Old French ceremonie or Latin caerimonia ‘religious worship’, (plural) ‘ritual observances’.


Worldwide, televisions are tuned to the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympic Games from Tokyo, Japan.

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If you're in the #Houston area, the Houston Computer Museum is liquidating its entire collection, mostly pre-2000 machines: Selected images of available items attached. #retrocomputing

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might as well finally say it

Google is hiring me, and expecting me to move to the Bay area in a couple months to work in Mountain View

do I know anyone in/around San Francisco with opinions about where I should try to end up? where are the yarn shops? the synagogues? the game stores? how's the public transit?

Do people with certain fetishes go down on their knee and ask another for their foot in marriage?

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