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I suppose I'll drop this on here while I'm figuring this place out?

Commissions are open, and if you're looking for something not listed dont be afraid to message!

More information and the form are here:

wip, valentines-adjacent, tonight we are posting ttrpg ships on main 

I once saw this probably dead man in a dream. He introduced himself as Mark and very politely asked me to draw him. I had no time back then and he said he would wait. He did.

CW: spider

And the final piece of spider appreciation week! Spider used "surf"!

Thanks for joining me in this fun adventure!

👁✋In the Clutches of Anxiety🤚👁
‘This goes to all the thoughts that paralyze me,
because against all odds, I keep on shining’

(I imagined this while I was sick, so the blame for this weirdness goes to the flu😅✨)

A pair of commissions that I did for the lovely @akirya_fudo over on Twitter of their dnd characters Hanira and Aster, they were so much fun!

Today is the Sami-peoples day in Norway! 🇳🇴 🎉

It is a day to reflect on the discrimination that has foregone for such a long time and that we are just beginning to make up for today. 😥

But also it is a day to celebrate the amazing culture and diversity we have in Norway!


Here is my half on an art trade I did with the wonderful @Styxcolor!

It features their character's LC and boyfriend Fungal sharing a sweet moment in a mushroom grove.

They're both so adorable, and I had a blast drawing them. Be sure to pop over to Styx's account to learn more about these cuties and their adventures! :)

# MastoArt

Arttrade piece for @AlchemistDruid with their characters Allistair and Tsuga in a peaceful moment. It was a pleasure to make this. I hope you like them!
Check out Alchemist & Druids acc, everyone has lore, and there's more to discover.

Let’s make a trans zine! 

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