Having a little comic break is nice. All my other ideas are coming to the forefront while I rest my main comic stuff that NEEDS to happen.

Edits, so fun T_T Almost done tho!

Meet Valle & Auriel! Rival thieves agree to a game to see who gets to keep the city and who has to leave... but oops they fall in love! More details soon, but I can say it's queer, 18+ and obviously fantasy! ✨

Working on a new comic for this summer! It's a queer fantasy romance about rival thieves. I'll share more details later -- stay tuned!

Mmm boy last time I posted here I had a pitch sitting at place 2. It was rejected but that's just how it is sometimes! I'll do something with it someday.

It's tough having a pitch sitting with someone... I want to work on it, but I probably should let it be until I hear more / x amount of time passes.

The eternal debate: do I make this into a webcomic, or try to cram it into a single graphic novel volume so I can pitch it...?

I never shared the sad cupcakes here, did I? Don't worry, they probably taste fine.

I'm pretty sure I have a separate basic account here but at this point... I have no idea what it is.

I need to have a song on loop to calm down sometimes. Helps me focus and get to work!

Sometimes the weekends are not long enough... I'm not ready!

I can't believe I had the Happy Pride 2018 banner up on tapas for... well, until today.

Banners are difficult ^_^;;

Can't wait to spend some time drawing this weekend! COMICS!

I'm really excited about the work I'm doing -- but it's very different than what I usually do, so it takes some more effort. I'm just a bit drained.

Time for video games recharge time.

I've been really creative at work lately and I'm having trouble drawing (beyond what I HAVE to do for deadlines)


I'll rest a bit and get back to it!

Felt good today, so I drew some of my looks after I revamped my wardrobe this year ^_^

OK been wearing these pants and boots forever, but BESIDES those!

I think Fell Swoop helped me reclaim my love of flowers. Thank you, dear comic!

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