Sometimes the weekends are not long enough... I'm not ready!

I can't believe I had the Happy Pride 2018 banner up on tapas for... well, until today.

Banners are difficult ^_^;;

Can't wait to spend some time drawing this weekend! COMICS!

I'm really excited about the work I'm doing -- but it's very different than what I usually do, so it takes some more effort. I'm just a bit drained.

Time for video games recharge time.

I've been really creative at work lately and I'm having trouble drawing (beyond what I HAVE to do for deadlines)


I'll rest a bit and get back to it!

Felt good today, so I drew some of my looks after I revamped my wardrobe this year ^_^

OK been wearing these pants and boots forever, but BESIDES those!

I think Fell Swoop helped me reclaim my love of flowers. Thank you, dear comic!

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Such a good character! I really love writing Falkner.

I keep forgetting to come here but I should -- it's nice. What's everyone up to?

Space boyfriends on Kickstarter! Fell Swoop is a queer sci fi romance with a bit of adventure and mystery! 43% of the way funded, 13 days to go!

This sweet sci fi romance is now on Kickstarter! πŸ’– Please check out FELL SWOOP today~! πŸ’– sci fi/ romance / LGBTQA+

Gearing up to launch Fell Swoop on Kickstarter soon -- February 14th! πŸ’–

Sci fi/ romance / LGBTQA+

I can't stop drawing my characters gearing up for the fancy ball! Here's Fairfax, bringing the drama ✨

Whew! Fell Swoop is over, now!

I have more sci fi comic-making needs... That will be for the future.

A pretty outfit sketch for Baptista and Tanwen as I plan for the next couple chapters of Spidersilk!

Worked on a pitch recently for Kai's Story ^_^ I hope it'll get picked up -- patrons can see all eight pages of the pitch!

I had to draw something calming a few weeks ago so I drew this -- I really like it! I don't get much time to make new illustrations with background and all, but hopefully I can do so next year.

Also, Spidersilk turned 7 in September! πŸ’–

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