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je suis en live pendant les prochaines dizaines d'heures.

hésitez pas à venir. ✨

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je participe aux @23HBD (et j'avais pas d'autres images)

je serais en stream aussi ( )

Crossed Inktober day 1 :

Poisonous X I see you (from )

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Did you planned to ?

Here is my Prompt List : .

The official prompt list X another different prompt list each day.

(Add to find people I wrote.)

Hi, artists.

I've a question :

how do you have the motivation to take time to draw ?

I spend my time too much on things like playing video game and others and I wanna be concentrated more on draw.

Do you have tips, advice ?

If not, thank for attention. Can you this toot too ?

Thanks all. <3

[fr] J’ai le plaisir de vous révéler le logo d’Eldritch Café, créé par @AirDur !

[en] I have the pleasure to reveal to you Eldritch Café logo, created by @AirDur!

-- @Sylvhem

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