day 4 : Watching a movie 🎞️

After a long tiring day, the best way to relax is to sit on a comfy sofa with blanket with your best friends. Don't forget yummy hot pop-corn 🍿😋

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day 3 : Gym 🏋️

This OC loves running. She's training to do an IronMan, even when everyone else left the gym. 🏃‍♀️

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day 2 : Public Transport 🚌

Simple one this day since I'm pretty tired. I just did a bus stop with one of my OC, not too much thinking this time.

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Prompt : Everydaytober

This prompt was made for everyday moments. It can be useful for OC interactions or Can be transplanted to your own world for ✨


My secret Santa for 2020.

The OC is Alabrinn Oakfall by

Some news :
I've 22 draws to do.
I do
I'm tired.
Draws will come.

A mermaid for Mermay challenge.
I also wantes to try aquarelle and train this technique.
It's not perfect but it's better than my last draw.

2015 vs 2019 -

An OC without name I created some long time ago.
Who said it's a Princess Mononoke reference ?

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