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Depiction of the secret meeting between the Human Eaters and Boris who, due to anger, decided to betrayal his own kind, revealing to the Human Eaters the position of every colony, stronghold and outpost in the galaxy leading to the day of the big killing.
Now, the human eaters rule unchallenged.

What to do when your speed runner core fails in the middle of the desert close to nowhere?
To push it to the next repair station, obviously.
But keep in mind that it is not always possible due to terrain type, presence of skumus, or overal machine weight.

Captain Ripper crossing back through the dimensional gate as he gives his first assessment on the exploration of the parallel dimension where he has spent the last three years.

Disasters often occur due to an unfortunate combination of otherwise innocuous events or actions, often carried out with the best of intentions.
That's the nature of chaos, to painfully fill with voids.

Some sort of flying designed with no special consideration whatsoever. This things just happens.

with digital color overlay.

Oversized and slow, designed as a pirate radio broadcaster ship she was later used for smuggling. But now, owned by a fearless adventurer who couldn't afford any better, she may reach new limits.

The predicted liquid surface was there and the foggy bottom was as calm as they had expected.
Until the unexpected happened.

Quick digital color over whiteboard

Nobody knows why, but cows are generally very abductable beings.
One possible explanation is cow's will evolve to be a superior technological species, conquering the space, and returning to the past to save some of their ancient relatives.

In any case this is the first time I draw a cow abduction I think.

Stanley enjoying a nice and relaxed view in his private nosed rounded window flying machine.
Several days after this image was taken he would start his now famous down below exploration of the seven concentric spheres, where he finally got missing around the fifth one.

Police looking for fun stuff smugglers from above where the interesting things happens.

Rounded cockpit flying thing, designed for comfort, easy handling and great viewing of the landscape.
The big round windows easily granted the third requirement, the only one fulfilled.

Alien spaceship doodle, with non alien decals, from today's session.
Apparently landing on an uncharted planet, for them, not for us.
The planet is actually full of humans, so the aliens will run away as soon as they realize that fact.

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