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Dull SOCCO civilian lander bouncing like crazy while performing a Gisoeoee's atmospheric entry.
All passengers should properly wear the safety anchors. Sadly not all believe in them.

digital color over from another sleepless night.

Old SOCCOs Solitude models were so reliable crafts that often saw so much extended service that in flight incidents and emergency approach maneuvers started to be the norm.
Still, they were generally repaired and kept in service.

Found this extremely low poly 3D cargo from maaany years ago.
Built for testing my action-script 3D engine, back in the day.

Can anyone explain to me why Vader can't just crush the droid or why the stormtroopers can't go around the fire?
It seems to me that writers try so hard to put characters in so limit situations that they need to break even the most simple rules to be able to save them.

Practising to recover some of my human drawing figure skills, that are more than rusty nowadays.
Direct pro digital linework done without reference.

Some sort of flying for lovers of rough terrain.
Not that flying over rough terrain is a probelm for other flying cars, but with this one it's a better experience consuming lots of extra fuel.

Front view:

with digital color overlay.

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Mr. Ewan McCoy tried to prevent the event.
But he got nervous and forgot to use the comlink, just waving his hand repeatedly, with no effect, obviously.
He was fired after the event investigation, becoming the famous McCoy space pirate a few years later.

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Once a month supplies are delivered to the flatness lonely people.
Coffee is what they always expect.
Coffee is the thing they never get.
Today they received expired tomato soup cans.

Digital color over minimal .

The Sargacelos floating barge captured in flight as it approached Verio's stand, the very same day of the infamous Verio collision where the stand and the crew were lost... because of the cat.
No cats allowed since then.

Digital color over minimal pencil doodle.

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