@Ailantd Well, that one ship is hanging in the air exactly the way a brick doesn't.

@Ailantd the first transport was a day of great celebration. not only was it the first scheduled ter-annual resupply, but the first time a successful year on-world's harvest would be sent back to the old world.
the festivities lasted a full week.
in the times of subsistance, it is less of a celebration. though the supply ships still leave heavy with the bounty of the new world, the gifts from the old world are fewer, more functional, and the on-world coffee just isn't quite the same

@Ailantd - The hammerhead landed without vibrations. Six hours of manual unloading of delicate seed packages from the Svalbard deposit. Two hours of massive data transfers, 12 main scenarios with multiple interpolations. Not enough but the computers receiving the data might be. The most volatile supplements on standby in orbit. The core slowly melting down below, almost magnetic. The wait would need to be longer, but the failure rate was getting low. This planet - she - was now expecting.

@Ailantd "We're about to fit the main section of the bridge, sir, but ... it appears to be too long."


“As Captain Jo turned off her ship’s maneuvering Jets to let the vessel coast into the precise center of the landing platform on pure inertia, she realized the voice of the Dock Master belonged to her ex Nora, and made a note to dig through the cargo nets for that weirdly adorable eight-limbed teddy bear Nora had left behind when they’d both parted ways … for what each of them thought was a better future.”

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