A purple spaceship. A relic of past lavish times when funny colours and quirky designs became popular. A rare sight in today boring times.

Midday sketch with digital color overlay.

@Ailantd - I'm trying to figure out what your style reminds me of, but...

Enki Bilal?

@vattuvarg I have read little from Bilal. My main reference always has been Moebius. From there I have been slowly traveling my own path.

@Ailantd - Thank you for reminding me of Moebius.

You definitely have a style of your own, one that I like and hope to see more of. If I would suggest/challenge you in some way then It would be vehicles or vessels designed for vertical flight.

BTW... Almost remembering is a hard thing, but my excuse is that those memories are thirty years old...

@Ailantd - A rocket is pretty obvious, but my personal favourite is a roton, a strange mix of a rocket and a helicopter.

It has rockets at the tips of the rotor blades. As the vessel moves up through the atmosphere it would transition from aerodynamic to space mode by gradually increasing the angle of the rotor.

The roton would reenter atmosphere with the use of a heat shield at the bottom of the conical fuselage. The last part of the flight would be in helicopter mode again.

@Ailantd - I sort of like the vertical format of the Deep Sea Challenger too.

@Ailantd - It was a fish that gave me the idea.

Think of a fish and I bet you imagine it swimming horizontally somehow.

But some fish spend most of their time swimming vertically. the great Oarfish (also known as the king of herrings).

I imagine advanced technologies would allow us (or extraterrestrials) to ascend or descend vertically.

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