It can't reach to the sides, it can't lift heavy things, grippers for palm sized objects:
It guides rods, carts and beams in a factory setting, but is more of a PR stunt than the best fit for the job.

@Ailantd - It looks vaguely similar to a puffin habitat surveyor that I once encountered while exploring neighbourhood timelines of the atlantic northwest. I kept wondering why the feet were so small until seeing the robo swiftly climbing big and quite slippery rock paths. The long arms and torso eyes gave it good reach into crevasses for both visual inspection and sensor readings. But that one was camouflaged in a sort of sky blue. Why this is white and orange is something I can't figure out.

@Ailantd - The only time I've seen a robo that colour was a satellite dock manipulator near Phobos, I think. Could have been Ceres too, whatever. The white and orange SnowPeekSpace livery of the canadArm-style robo was easy to spot by eye or with sensors.

They sure mine a lot of titanium out there, but hey, they do produce a lot of hiking gear now that most of the forests here have been restored.

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