Disasters often occur due to an unfortunate combination of otherwise innocuous events or actions, often carried out with the best of intentions.
That's the nature of chaos, to painfully fill with voids.

@Ailantd cascading failures, every spacer's worst nightmare. in a closed system, any failure has a knock-on effect. in a closed system as carefully balanced as a long-haul ship the smallest thing can snowball. a tech with a hangover in bio, who doesn't make sure every. single. filter. is greenlit after it's scrub cycle, puts a dirty filter back in rotation, the scrubbers overheat, particulate builds up, parts meant to operate in sterile air start to grind and burn, fire, then boom.

@Ailantd Slowly drifting away from the shuttle, Major Tom realized that eating a little less of that spicy mexican food might have done well.

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