Painting over a very loose and rough Dall-E AI automated output.

This opens many questions, like:

Is this still an Ailantd work?
What would be the point where the human input/transform would make this still human made?
Have curated AIs its own syles?
...and many more.

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Also, I love the tiny signature attempt in the AI output.

@Ailantd I also have one like this that I'm working on! the generated image has lovely texture that it seems a shame to have to blow away, but reworking requires it... so I'm not quite happy with the coherency of the result

@maya Same. I somewhat like more the original AI output.

@Ailantd To me, AI generated images are simply a tool in my toolbox. An artist using other people's photos for their composites, matte paintings, etc, is still an artist after all. The various AI scripts currently floating around definitely have their own styles (midjourney stuff all looks similar to me), but if you use that for your own art, it ends up being yours.
But I do think its important to mention that AI was involved, otherwise it would be unfair for conventional artists imo.

@sml Should other artist mention that they have used photos or references? For the same reasons non doing that could be unfair to artist that work from head, like me, I guess.

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