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@Ailantd I liked your drawing so much that I've made my own version of it.

Sad day.
Vangelis is no longer among the living.
He is probably my favorite composer and his music has been rooted deeply inside me as a true inspiration since I was a kid.
Thank you for so much. Rest in peace.

Some sort of flying with a used camouflage painting scheme. Ideal for people who lives in unsafe neighborhoods.
"Wheels can't be stolen" says the TV add. And this is very true.

with digital color overlay.

Some sort of flying designed for traveling around the most picturesque places in Europe. With space for almost two people and some tiny suitcases over the roof, the car can hover along tiny roads and can be parked in tiny streets.

with digital color overlay.

Some sort of flying innovative pickup featuring an open front trunk, allowing vargo inspection while driving.
Like any good idea it's only available through your local cable tv shop.
Call now to 888 and get a second one for free!

with digital color overlay.

Typical question to artist :
-Which mediums do you use?

Your typical artist answer:
-I don't believe in mediums, they make up all that stuff about the future.

Some sort of flying , uncomfortable, not fast, not reliable, sometimes even not flyable, but with a very good looking nice bodywork.
Only suitable for people who really know what is really important in a cheap luxury car.

with digital color overlay.

Some sort of flying with nice cargo space ideal for bakeries owners.
Loading alive livestock, like living samacenius flour, is not advised, though. Don't let the flour to convince you about this.

with digital color overlay.

Some sort of flying for lovers of rough terrain.
Not that flying over rough terrain is a probelm for other flying cars, but with this one it's a better experience consuming lots of extra fuel.

with digital color overlay.

Customs crew tales are always are worth to listen.
Like that one when they found a Mantle full of Ghessus hidden inside the sewerage system pipes.
The smell in the ship was the main clue leading to the discovery.

Only flat lighting color for this style experiment.

Restaurant day again, so here it goes another restaurant paper thing with lots of flying cars, and basic shading.

Five minutes "Crypto dude" doodle short story.
Episode 1 of 1.

Sorry for this, But I had to!

The Bulkyn II arrived to destination after almost six hundred years lost in .
The crew was found mummified but the cargo was so well preserved that it could still be delivered to recipient's descendants.

Careless one before ending the day.

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