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*ID* –> "Shred”
Who needs a shredder when you have one of these ? ;)
this is for

Happy Week Mastodon !

- #mastoart #art #illustration #ID #shred #cat -
:: Better res on website ::

Been stealthily starting a TeeSpring shop. One of my storefronts features my MOMcats while the other is like, book cover merch. I hope you'll check 'em out when looking for gifts for your favorite cat/dragon/book lover this holiday season.
(Boosts appreciated; apparently I need a couple sales before Teepsring puts me in the system proper.)
More coming!

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Trying to get more into speedpainting mood again. Batteries are quite empty, though. If you want to support the creation of new ones you can support me via my Patreon page or this button
#art #illustration #mastoart #speedpainting

Do any of your have birthdays? Today's the Queen's birthday (from my novel STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM -, so here are a few newer sketches her and like, the one supergood portrait I did of her back in the Day, and an equally ancient 8-bit? 16-bit? pixel sprite (not animated).

There's an AppSumo deal going on now with StickerMule.
$9 for 50 3x3 Die-cut stickers.
Thought it might interest some of my fellow merch-makin' artists.

If you're looking for a inexpensive, calorie-free treats for Halloween, I invite you to check out some of my horror ebooks. They're creepy and suspenseful (vs gory)...we got cats bringing back freaky artifacts, surreal office horror, insomnia, wild west vampires, and a few things more!

Full list here:

Boosts appreciated!

(BUREAUCRAT artwork by Christian Bunyan.)

Hey, guys! You can now experience "the horrified joy of hearing a mouth album for the first time again" because Neil Cicierega has dropped a new mashup album, titled, MOUTH DREAMS
Teaser at:
Full album at:

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Hi, commissions are open.
I make icons, raster or vector. I can paint humans or your pet or your human pet. ^<^

For prices/examples:

I also have a patreon with some free (creative commons licensed) stuff:

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PSA: JoAnn has gryphon skeletons. 12" long, currently $6.50. Slightly atypical hind paws but still more plausible than the bat skeletons that include ears (and don't even get me started on the spider skeletons).

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