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I will sketch a headshot of YOUR CHARACTER! Fan characters, OCs, existing characters... & I will record a painting VIDEO.

- Follow @dona
- Boost to enter
- Winners will be selected on April 08, 2019. using @zatnosk's Reblogged By tool - and
- If you do not wish to enter, but want to help: you can let me know if drawn and I will select a new winner

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Clip Studio Paint is having a 50% off sale for five days at the moment, if you've been thinking of picking it up or upgrading now might be the time!

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Comic artist Abby Howard is kickstarting a POSSUM PLUSH!!
(She also makes a great horror/adventure? comic, THE LAST HALLOWEEN)

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This is Bo the Rooster; my take on a traditional and rustic motif found in many a kitchen. I wanted something a little more modern and contemporary to go with my French Country theme. #digitalpainting #rooster #mastoart #art

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Just paid $2378 to get running water and heat restored, replacing well pump and pressure cylinder. That was the next mortgage payment. Need some cool #maille #jewelry? Here's four necklaces, $60 each including USA shipping to #art #mastoart #chainmail please boost I need to move this inventory to keep my home

Yesterday at church two bromeliad plants (guzmania ones) were sitting up on the piano staring at me throughout sacrament meeting...apparently they'd been there for weeks. So I took 'em home! (A good brother helped me carry them out, so nice!) Pixel J. Cat has been very good and not eating them, though he Attempted To Sample.
I do not have a green thumb so wish me luck!

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🤤 is too dignified, right, right?

CC by-sa 4.0. Svg, a zombie versionand a pink lewd (?) one in the attachment of this public patreon post:

And if you are drowning in money:

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There's nothing wrong with the vanity of wanting people to see your art.

It's normal and natural.

I've never liked the idea that you should be so "pure" that you'd keep doing art even if nobody was around. Of course you wouldn't.

Art is meant to be shared.

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I worked primarily in this style for about ten years. It gradually faded from daily use as I took on more visdev work and less band/tee/comic focused stuff.

I mistakenly felt like mass, painterly work was somehow more skillful and REAL art. It took me years to get over my self-imposed imposter syndrome and insecurity over being a self taught line-centric art dude.

Doing it again now feels like putting on a pair of old, worn but perfectly fitting pair of boots -- I need more of this in my life.

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Collecting spring flowers. I imagine her name is "Muriel". 🌷 🌿 💜

Made in :clip_studio_paint: using one of @FRENDEN's new ink brushes.

#MastoArt #Art #Illustration #Deer #Doe #DigitalArt #iPadProArt #ClipStudioPaint

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You can follow multiple hashtags on Mastodon very easily:

1. Search for a hashtag
2. Go to the search results column, open its options and select "Pin"
3. On the pinned column, open its options and select "Include additional tags for this column"
4. Add all the hashtags you want to follow to "Any of these"

This pinned column will then show results for the tags you add to it.

It allows you to follow topics in a single column the same way you would follow people.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #Hashtags

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Wheee! Some of you were asking for this a long time :). Four beautiful tapestries (The Magician, Raring Ringtail, Trusty Tahr and Precise Pangolin) are now finally available at my shop:
#art #illustration #mastoart

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Forgive the bad lighting but god dammit it's 2 am where I live and I'm too happy to be done with it to wait for natural light
Oh my gooood it's done

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Ugggggh it tasted burnt. (Husband didn't mind that, but didn't like the texture. I liked the texture OK but couldn't stand the taste. Go fig!)

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