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Marker Strawberries and Peppers
 Sometimes you don't know how to draw two different things until you draw them back to back. ...

Any tips on improving your line quality in sketches? I see work like (ok, so he's Marc Davis, good luck with that D) and and (ALL OF THAT, MAN!) and I feel like my lines are so crude in comparison. Do I just need to erase more? Use a mech pencil? Charcoal?

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The first rule about is: you DO talk about . A lot. You boost it. You toot about it. There's one starting tomorrow!

Hrmrgrsh you guys I love ...Just bought "Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison" and am enjoying some light fun with some spooky to boot.
Question, though: have they ever made a TRULY SCARY/CREEPY pointnclick casual game like this?

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I draw my best works on napkins.

Bored buff: +5 SKILL

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Supernovel's rough draft came out to over 800 pages of paper. So whatever’s happening on the printed side gets drawn on the other side–action, characters, or scenery.
This shot: a rabbit teleportation demonstration, + some environment practice of the lobby where the main char escapes to (the rabbit demo didn’t go over so well).

Quick roundup of art already autoposted to my Pixelvania Studios blog.
Moxie Kitten, faces and objects from random shapes, a kitten in a hoodie, and imaginary candy bars (inspired by Phil McAndrews' list of things to draw).

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Griffin flight thumbnails
I thumbed some backgrounds for the story "A griffin at the edge of a cliff prepares to fly for the first time." ...

Imaginary Candy
Phil McAndrews has a huge list of things to draw here (And also a random generator! ). This one is inspired by #93: "fictional candy bars". ...

STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM manuscript art challenge - Institute Lobby
About This Project: The rough draft of STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM came out to over 800 pages of paper. I finished the pencil edits eons ago, but since it felt wasteful to toss out all the reams, I’ve giv ...

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