Not gonna lie, I'll be sad if they rename "Untitled Goose Game" to something else.

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hey artists, as much as i appreciate your generosity, please please please please PLEASE don't send a full art file to someone until they have ***paid you.*** relying on the good will of others is admirable but also not the smartest move. there have been like 3 artists i've worked with the past couple of months that have sent me high-res versions of my art and an invoice after the fact. nothing would stop a shittier person from never paying you!!! get your 💰 before you send the final product!!

@DaffyDaydreamer Ditto except replace "drawing things" with "scanning things" X3

@nyxalwitch I like this stylization of her! Super nice! 👍

@FRENDEN ...and it turned her WordDoc into a decent-looking paperback in now time (she's not tech-savvy).
Ah, here it is.
That name is unGoogleable.

@FRENDEN There's another software company doing book layout, but I'm digging through my mailbox to see who they were (I sound up going with Scribus). They were reasonably priced though and sent me a demo after I asked a few questions about kerning and linespacing and such.
If you're on a Mac, some people swear by Vellum. I think you may be limited by templates there, but I watched a friend (using MacInCloud on her PC)...

@FRENDEN I wrote an article about my experience using Scribus for a novel on my blog. At the end I linked related tutorials that helped me.

I couldn't have gotten started without the downloadable "Getting Started with Scribus" tutorial, though.
Before that I had no idea what was going on.

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daily affirmation: I am creative. I have original thoughts that people identify with. Failing in some media does not mean I'm bad at all creative outlets

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@spookcentral there's a simple solution to remove outdated or incorrect autocomplete suggestions: start typing in your address bar till the suggestion shows up, use arrow keys to select it, and then hit Shift+Delete to remove it from your autocomplete suggestions.
Instructions for other browsers:

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My goodness, it's not going to be privacy that winds up driving me out of Gmail, but the fact that their SMTP servers keep going down intermittently when I'm using it through Thunderbird. 9_9

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I wrote "Don't Go to Art School" in 2013.

My opinion has only been confirmed in the 6 years since. Art schools sure as hell haven't gotten cheaper.

But a whole batch of new resources are available online.

So once again: don't go to art school, y'all.

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Bunny and Chick in another style again. And again Chick is the same because he transcends time and space.

Full res of this and the previous image here:

are open btw, I need a new tablet.

Went on a field trip to the bookstore today to take inspo photos of book covers for SCVK (well, the backs of them, anyway). Hooray for !

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Any brush can be used as an eraser in by pressing C or by clicking the checkerboard color square next to the fore and background colors in the color palette. You can then use it to cut into your inks.

Like such as: Everything denoted with an X here will get a black fill. Everything denoted H (for halftone) will get a black fill and then be cut into to create a lighter valued, more detailed bit. I tend to plan my thumbs as W (white), X (black), and H (halftone) for readability.

@FRENDEN Please tell me you started this with a quick add noise filter and didn't draw aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of those dots manually.
If you did...could you tell me why? It seems (from my view, thinking as a sort of commercial-type artist-who-needs-to-produce-viewable-finished product) an odd place to spend time and energy. But perhaps there is a zen artist master secret I'm missing? 🤔 ❓

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*don't stop believin intro plays* 🎶 🎶
ahem 🎤 :blobcat:
just a tiny cat 🎵
very good to pet and pat 🎵

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