@silverseams I think this might be it! We both had some slices and I was expecting it to go down like a brick (like previously undercook loaves I've made) but it was fine. So...round two, tomorrow! Just getting my water lukewarm then it's ROUND TWO.

@silverseams Ha, it's greyish on my screen, too! Cool, nice to know I'm not the only one who wants bread-focused flatware!

@silverseams @vivaizix @katwylder Hm, am wondering if this happened to me:
"Don’t mistake undercooked bread for bread that hasn’t properly cooled. If you do not allow bread to cool for at least two hours before slicing, it can appear soggy inside, even though it is done all the way through. "
We, uh, didn't let it cool for 2 hours, that's for sure!

Didn't find one I liked, though. Almost went with a bamboo one with cute parrots on it but I decided I didn't like the texture.

@silverseams @vivaizix @katwylder Hm, don't think I opened the oven! Plus it was in a heavy Dutch oven.

Now I'm so excited about bread I spent an hour looking through TJMaxx/HomeGoods for a pretty bowl for rising da dough (so I don't have to use our heavy mixing bowl).

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"This is a true-to-life scale painting of my paternal grandmother."

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Also, a thing I learned from the videos while transcribing the Photoshop process : did you know that Krita can actually have layered canvas of the same picture? Well, I didn't and it's real nice!

You can use a small one as replacement of the overview docker and even better: you can draw in it! A zoomed-in view for details and a zoomed out view for general shapes and verification.

@Bhoren Whoa! I've used the cascaded windows for checking my values while I paint in color, but a tiny canvas you can paint on? Whoa! Do I look for, like, window-layered canvas, or what? rules.

@vivaizix @silverseams @katwylder @quertystop
OK, we pulled it out and had some a while ago. The crust shattered across the kitchen, but the inside was a bit undercooked (going by Great British Baking Show's indicator, where if you squish it and doesn't bounce back, it's undercooked). I started baking it at 450 but smelled some scorching (just flour that fell in the bottom of the oven) and lowered it to 425, maybe that was it?
Still edible, though!
Followed this lady: astackofdishes.com/the-famous-

@silverseams Maybe the thing I most needeto bake bread is a support group!!!

@silverseams HMMMMMM.
Yeah, I'm thinking next time to use the plastic wrap while it rises! The dough beneath the "skin" is just like I saw on the video, stringy and like THE BLOB.
Oh, I'm SOO relieved to know it'll be OK. Bread's done me wrong before so many times I was beginning to get a complex, like maybe I'm Just Not Meant to Bake Bread.
But no! IT CAN'T BE
tl;dr thanks for your reply. :D
1 minute 'til the oven!

@Bhoren No prob! I appreciate you getting back to me.
Did you discover a new Krita function you'll be using again and again now?

@qwertystop @katwylder I let it rise overnight and then some. It doesn't look like the pictures--the top has these little crusty dry bits on top, it's not smooth. I'm in a dry climate, should I have added more water???? I only covered it with a towel to rise. It's doing a brief rise (proof?) now and then I'm going to slash the top and to pop it in the dutch oven 😬

@LadyIcepaw I didn't know there was a name for this, but this is one of my favorite things to do with friends!

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Makin' the overnight-rise no-knead bread mentioned by @qwertystop in this great thread by @katwylder
My last attempt at homemade bread baked into a glutenized brick. And next week me and my mom are making some more traditional bread (with kneading)...I sure hope this recipe breaks my curse!

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