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@SolarPhasing Thanks for replying to this! It's already set on "automatic start." c:
Sheet music for sale! It's called "Mountain Bells." Written in the spirit of Brian Eno and Harold Budd, it's a piece that shimmers and breathes.

@silverseams Get"her" a pink dragon:
(Seriously though can we just geek out over how cool these Safari dragons are??)

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prayer circle for me to finish up revisions early tomorrow so i can get back to actually animatingggggggg

@silverseams It's hard to buy for some people!!!

@silverseams I don't think there is an bottom to fantasy nerd's love of dragons. For example, I looked up, like, dragon plastic toys on Amazon once, the fancier ones? And as much as I loved those I STILL WANTED TO LOOK AT MOAR. I think plush is the same--varying designs (aquatic, desert, whatever) could really excite some and gather extra niches.

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Finished the first book of the "The Black Company" series recetly so I wanted to draw something in that direction

Nosferatu Novel - Character Lineup Attempt
I want the bigger dragon's head to be the size of a motorcycle but we'll see. I think the brownie (monkey) is enormous? Maybe too enormous?? ...

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@amber Ooh, this is fun. Brings "Totoro" to mind but has your own twists. Love her socks!

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A nice, cool, fall-themed illustration for these oppressively humid summer days.

@dona Oh, it was a fine little ebook! It doesn't really do any crazy formatting.
Glad I got it from the library though, because it's not super long--$9.99 for the ebook would be too much to pay, IMO.

Nosferatu Novel - Faerie Healer (marker explorations)
Her type of faerie has beetle wings. Also a sketch of the nosferatu since well nevermind. ...

@silverseams DO EM ANYWAY! Unicorn diversity! :D

@silverseams That pattern looks really impressive (to me, a non-sewer)--like, the hooves look accurate and the angles of the legs are niiiice. 🦄

Yesterday's dragon/nosferatu color study was so much fun, I thought I'd try another!