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@eishiya Thanks for taking the time! I'll give it a shot!

@katwylder Thank you so much for taking the time! This was really fun. Maybe I have to dig through my Krita brushes a little more.
Thanks for such friendly tips and visuals!

@LensaMoon Or shove a paper towel in a spot in front of the floor. LIGHTNINGLIKE REFLEXES

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@eishiya Hmm, more in the vein of
Than, say, Christina Penescue's scratchboard-every-hair style.
Attached is what I have now. It's a Disney-style image so maybe I'm just getting overambitious, but I can't help but think there's a way to make even the stripes look fluffy.

Anyone got a tutorial/essay/writeup/tips for making digital art look less... gluey/plasticy/smeary? I want to make this cat's stripes look furry textured without having to paint in
My values look good, though!

@xib That is a slashser smile worth of ATTACK ON TITAN. 👍🏽 😭 Great color choices, too.

Thanks to my mockups, I finally felt confident enough to launch into painting A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS' cover.
Here's a crop, AKA LOOKITDISLI'LGUYHE'SSOCUTEAWWW! (He looks amazing in greyscale, so glad for Krita's LUT voodoo!)

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Good thing, too, because my PhoSho CS2 is getting more rickety every time I open it. Sometimes it tells me it's unable to CLOSE because of an error! Thank goodness for open source.

I learned a lot today mocking up book cover text in INKSCAPE. Maybe I don't hate it after all!

@hashRaygoza Well...Mario *does* have nipples now...

In Krita I am the Queen of Transparency Masks!
In Inkscape I am queen of nothing.

@DimeSpin I believe every moment you draw with these chars. You're amazing.

@Ellteo Wow, that's lookin' good! Good staging! is the tag you want! ;)