When you visit an author's homepage and look at their books, do you prefer the books arranged alphabetically, or with the newest release first?
Thank you for your time. :)

@DirkGrundy 😱 ! Are the colors as beautiful as you've rendered 'em here? Because...yeah. DO WANT!

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@DirkGrundy Oh man, I remember drawing this char for an art exchange with you ages ago! Memory lane! (Dig the colors on the banana shirt, too.)

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Week nearly over... time for #FollowFriday! πŸ₯€ 🍿 🎞️

πŸ“ @cryptpad CryptPad: Privacy-friendly open alternative to Google Docs

πŸ“‚ @nextcloud Nextcloud: Privacy-friendly open alternative to Google Drive

🐘 @tootapp Toot!: Excellent Mastodon app for iOS

πŸ’» @yunohost Yunohost: Trying to make self-hosting as easy as possible

πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ @warandpeas War and Peas: The weird, salty webcomic

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@melpsn Windows + sanity-sucking vortexes, eh? You're gonna feel right at home at this site
SFW, body horror, Neil Cicierega

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Does anyone know a good forum based art community since conceptart.org and crimsondagger became literal ghost towns? I hate social media with a passion because it's very impersonal and people use it just to promote themselves instead of helping each other.
I miss the old Internet.
Also, goodbye to YTMND.

#news #help #forum #art #mastoart #internet

@jopi :( no more YTMND? :((( I had some good times on that site (well, watched some good..memes? vids? discpvered new music, too).
Wish I knew a forum for ya. Sorry.

@deerbard I like this. Fanciful shape, but the colors make it kinda somber. It puts me in mind of one of my favorite flash games, "Daymare Town." Thanks for posting.

@ldurrant That palette is incredible. Thank you for sharing!

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@silverseams Feel like I noticed the filigree on the wings better in the purple one, but the white one seems to show the color cast better. :3 Way to go!

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@silverseams Happy to see the little pawpads! And that's a perfect cinnamon-bun tail, aww!

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