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@Khrestos Hi, nice birb! (They are called birbs here on the 'don, I don't know why.)

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Gotta say, watching play INSIDE (youtube.com/watch?v=c2ta1fP2vr) is reminding me of Harley Brown's art wisdom: color doesn't matter as much as value does. What a great-lookin' game, and your eye always knows what's going on!

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RT @JustinMezzell@twitter.com: I made this during a mentorship to demonstrate how limited color palettes can influence and drive alternative solutions for lighting and shadow. Maybe it will help you, too!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JustinMezzell/stat

@dona Not an empty bowl.
Tupperware....Definitely tupperware.

@MJBlacke I think gold leaf could work, but I'm not a gold leaf expert. But blue/yellow go together colortheorywise, IIRC.
You gotta follow your heart.
It's already a strong piece as is, but even a little texture in the bg could be nice.

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:krita: @Krita is a professional FREE & open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable tools for everyone. :bowie_stardust:

:krita: @Krita is kicking off their 2018 Fundrasising campaign - Let's Squash The bugs!
$uppport here: krita.org/en/fundraising-2018-

How to follow them on the :fediverse: :
:mastodon: @Krita :krita:
:peertube: @kritafoundation

🎥 🍿 🎨 Watch their :krita: 2018 fundraiser video:

@Gexten Caturdays are slow for Masto. I have an announcement but I'm waiting 'til Monday to post it.
It's kinda like how newspaper comic artists knew to put their best stuff out on Sunday (cuz everyone bought the Sunday paper back in the day)...Monday had second-highest readership, Tuesday the third, etc. etc. and It tapers off 'til Caturday.

@razcore That is SO surreal...I think I like the contrast of the calm calm calm expression with the garish cheerful drippy ice cream head.

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@dona Time to go over with a plate of cookies and a pen and paper to write down their phone # so you can text WHAT R U COOKING??

@idesofmerch Crap, this is an idea that NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Lammy is my spirit animal!!

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Someone: Everyone's favorite anxiety-ridden anthropomorphic character is coming to Smash!
Me: La-
Someone: FROM Animal Crossing.
Me: cool!

Once upon a time, I thought I'd get a Master's Degree in video game narrative (?!) and I thought my thesis could be on how women play video games differently than men (in a more a copilot style) and that game designers ought to consider this style of play when making games.
That never happened, but I thought about it while watching The Gaming Moms play Guacamelee 2

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