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@windofbloom Wow, very striking! I want to set a similar goal for myself of making more finished pieces. Let's cheer each other on! 🎉

@crispuart Amazing cleanliness for sketches! My sketch lines are rarely as confident. So cute!

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@davidrevoy Can you tell me about that interesting pencil? It looks like a lead holder made to look like a trad pencil, but with a regular eraser?? I am intrigued!

@lubellwoo What an endorsement! I just requested it from my library's ebook division, I hope they buy it!

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Finally reading Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey right now and it is just STAGGERINGLY compelling. Direct without losing the beauty of the language. I'm flying through it.

@GoatsLive (Hi, sorry to butt in, but I was wondering if you received the PM/Private Notification I sent you a few days back about a goat story I'm writing. I know I've missed some notifications before because I forget to check them sometimes, and there's like, two tabs under Notifications? Anyway, it's confused me before and I wanted to make sure you hadn't missed it. OK thx bai. c:)

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good cactus boy for my desert art prompt, also based in the mh world...diablos would have fun

@Qu33nAce OUCH that would be PAAAINful to encounter!

@dona No one's looking at the cropping. Everyone's entranced by the BCCC face he's makin'
at least, I am.

@deerbard Oo, great dimensionality in that downward 3/4 view!

@fluffyfied Whee, cutie bat and friend! Love the cactiiscape, too!

For those of you curious about my writing projects, I just wrote a blog post about what I'm up to and future plans. Ends with a review of RED THUNDER and EERIE, INDIANA and a quick recipe. c:

@sandycyborg Oh man. Speaking as a member of , I ask for you to teach us, O environmental guru! Mad background skills are on display here!

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