Wanna read a new science fantasy that's overflowing with intrigue, adventure, and colorful characters you’ll love (and a few you’ll love to hate)? Then check out my latest novel, STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM.

Excerpt in thread.

I've been drawing these characters for years, and now their story's out!

Anyone got some (accurate) dino facts from kids that a lot of adults know generally know? Need it for a thing I'm writing.

Hey, I've been interviewed!
Find out what a step aerobics bench has to do with my writing process and instrumental/ambient musics I like to listen to while writing here!

Hey, so that bundle containing my kitty horror story WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK is available for sale! $2.99 for 9 kitty short stories. I'm reading through my contributor's copy and am really enjoying it!
Zon: amzn.to/2OfVagQ
Elsewhere: bundlerabbit.com/b/cat-tales-i

My kitty horror story WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK is in a bundle now with some other great writers and stories! Pay $2.99, get 9 stories starring kitties! They're not all scary. Find out more about the stories and preorder here:
Whoo! My first bundle! 🤪

Did you know I wrote a feel-good Valentine's Day book? Don't worry, it's not too mushy. It's called LOVE POTION COMMOTION and it's got talking French Bulldogs. If you're still jonesin' for Hallmark movies, you'll probably get a kick out of this. It's normally $4.99 but it's on discount 'til the 19th.
Sale price is active at Amazon right now, but the others are soon to follow!

Creativity Lessons from 2018: Quit wasting so much time. Get an app blocker. 

Since I enjoy playing Netflix's FIREPLACE FOR YOUR HOME 4JILLIONK while I write in wintertime, you can only IMAGINE how THRILLED I was to learn that famous kitty Lil Bub has been posting Yule Log video for YEARS on YouTube. SQUEE! 🤩

MIDWINTER MAGIC is out, so now I can show you the finished cover!
This ebook is a collection of 3 original Christmas fairy tales I wrote - REINDEER SISTERS, THE ELF PRINCE, and YOUNG NIKOLAS. Excerpt and buying info at: pixelvaniapublishing.com/book/
Makes a great (digital) stocking stuffer for fans of Jane Yolen or Ursula Vernon.

I want to make all my other eBooks into paper format, but I don't know which one to start with. I know I want to do them in smaller format (7x4" or thereabouts. I know I don't want to do my short novel (Frenchies) over the holidays.
But do I start with one I like, which means I'll be look-experimenting and may not be happy with its quality 3 or 4 paperbacks down the road, or do I start with something I'm not as jazzed about and risk some ennui?🤔

More I wrote to put you in the mood:
GROWING SHADOWS IN THE DESERT - A sheriff confronts a vampire moving in on a little settlement.
SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY - Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

I've got some for sale if you need a few this weekend to get you in the mood.
THE BUREAUCRAT - a horror satire for anyone who's ever wanted to burn down a call center.
WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK - A cat begins bringing his owner unsettling artifacts. "Feels bad in your hands."


10K words reached on Girlfriend story!

...and you're all, what Girlfriend story? It's a horror short I started last September, but it got put on the backburner when I started working on Gingersnap Cat. I was feeling a little fatigue on the Nosferatu Novel and thought I'd pick it up again. I can feel I'm nearing the end, so I'm really…[...]


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