Been stealthily starting a TeeSpring shop. One of my storefronts features my MOMcats while the other is like, book cover merch. I hope you'll check 'em out when looking for gifts for your favorite cat/dragon/book lover this holiday season.
(Boosts appreciated; apparently I need a couple sales before Teepsring puts me in the system proper.)
More coming!

Do any of your have birthdays? Today's the Queen's birthday (from my novel STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM -, so here are a few newer sketches her and like, the one supergood portrait I did of her back in the Day, and an equally ancient 8-bit? 16-bit? pixel sprite (not animated).

There's an AppSumo deal going on now with StickerMule.
$9 for 50 3x3 Die-cut stickers.
Thought it might interest some of my fellow merch-makin' artists.

COVER MAKEOVER, YAY! For my older short story, THE BUREAUCRAT. It was time for an update that brought the human(??) element to the fore.
BIG thanks to artist Christian Bunyan ( I've got a cover that ups the creep factor by ten!

More info at:

So in earlier times, one posted art on ze web at 72DPI. These days I hear 90DPI is ideal.
Is 90DPI still the acceptable balance between image quality and image size, or, with all the new fancy high-rez tech about, should I be posting at a higher DPI?

I know some artists here use SketchUp to help with their scenery and perspective; are there any web-based applications (or ) that y'all use? I need to make a room and be able to float a camera around in it so I can use the model for reference. I'm warily eyeing , but it looks awful complicated.

Just released a new short novel, called THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR. A down-to-earth mage and her magical goats must save their new neighbor from being mulched in this new upbeat fantasy adventure!
@GoatsLive (who helped me get my goat facts straight) called it "A great read!"
Please check it out at

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