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Mockups for the book cover. I like how my little flower turned out (my first custom Krita brush!) but the rectangle-based comps all get a hearty MEH. I'll try again tomorrow.

Though I'm sick 😷 and feel too foggy to write, I still have enough brainpower to churn out some thumbnails for a small collection I hope to release soon. and flowers ahoy!
(Homemade template done in )

No , just my Summary of Art, 2018 (with template thanks to DA's DustBunnyThumper). I've been blessed(?!) with the ability to emulate a variety of different styles.
Cheated a little on the bottom row so it wouldn't be empty. The last one's a photomanip book cover for a I wrote! #2018

Need a for a ? I've got two talking-animal perfect for !
THE PURRFECT CHRISTMAS - Can one save a widow’s Christmas? in12 chapters, only.
A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS - He’s got nine lives, three miracles, and one family to save! 200-page in 25 chapters for a new countdown-to-Christmas tradition.

Couldn't resist...Now that I know what I'm doing, setting this up didn't take *all* that long.
Formatting this smoll like my William Sleator books, 4.38"x7". Hopefully it'll turn out as cool-looking as his books.
That EB Garamond is SO HOT RIGHT NOW!!

Oh. I rigged up a paperback book cover draft for my story THE BUREAUCRAT. Guess I can start doing interior formatting now. :o! Although I guess I could put it off longer by making sure the graphic is perfect in the KDP cover creator thingie...but I don't even know if it has a spine yet, so why should I?
Ha, I wonder if I could do the barcode in lime green or something...

Couldn't leave well enough alone; tried to bring some static back. (Does it look like static?) At this value, though, putting text in will be a pain.
We'll see!
Do it? Or am I doign better with the solid silhouette?

Book cover WIP 2. What started as experiments of a woman tearing the image apart revealing static (not saying I did this well, mind), turned into a silhouetted hand. Can you tell it's a hand? I don't know anymore. I don't even know if that's the right color. Shading? lol
But still has the most elegantly designed hands. I LURVE them.

WIP EBook cover for my latest horror story. I think the comp is good...but generic. :P I can't quite tell if it's right for this weird, slow-burn, maybe not-as-intense story, though it does take place in an apartment building...

Trying to get ahold of the faerie healer from my Nosferatu novel. First one, upper left, is a pretty strong candidate.

Gonna ask my friend if she wants to watch that anime Madoka Magica with me tomorrow.
So far I've told her "It's like Sailormoon" but should I tell her the WHOLE TRUTH?!? 😈 🤭
(No, I haven't seen it, I just research everything to death before I consume it.)

My ebooks are available at many major vendors vendors via:

Remember, these stories cost less than most movie tickets and support an indie writer and her high-visibility-orange kitty cat!


More I wrote to put you in the mood:
GROWING SHADOWS IN THE DESERT - A sheriff confronts a vampire moving in on a little settlement.
SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY - Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

I've got some for sale if you need a few this weekend to get you in the mood.
THE BUREAUCRAT - a horror satire for anyone who's ever wanted to burn down a call center.
WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK - A cat begins bringing his owner unsettling artifacts. "Feels bad in your hands."


Evening Reblog, since the WP post-to-mastodon plugin doesn't do scheduled posts no more.
Church sketches I was tired of looking at in my image processing queue.

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