Hey, so that bundle containing my kitty horror story WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK is available for sale! $2.99 for 9 kitty short stories. I'm reading through my contributor's copy and am really enjoying it!
Zon: amzn.to/2OfVagQ
Elsewhere: bundlerabbit.com/b/cat-tales-i

My kitty horror story WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK is in a bundle now with some other great writers and stories! Pay $2.99, get 9 stories starring kitties! They're not all scary. Find out more about the stories and preorder here:
Whoo! My first bundle! 🤪

Throwback Thursday: Moxie under the mistletoe! (Misremembered as a Valentine's day pic, so you get it today, natch.)

More - "The miracle of forgiveness...from us to one another"
Tried to go a little more stylized on these.

Did you know I wrote a feel-good Valentine's Day book? Don't worry, it's not too mushy. It's called LOVE POTION COMMOTION and it's got talking French Bulldogs. If you're still jonesin' for Hallmark movies, you'll probably get a kick out of this. It's normally $4.99 but it's on discount 'til the 19th.
Sale price is active at Amazon right now, but the others are soon to follow!

Tackling the scanning backlog. I got the girl in 2 different angles, but she only looks accurate in one, haha! Plus: my organist buddy, and a cool glowy paper lamp I saw at a doctor's office.

Hi, , would Krita be able to do motion graphics like these cards? I've always wanted to try something like it (you know, flickering candles, tails wagging, stuff like that). Or is there a better program ( ?) for this kinda thing? I have no idea what I'm doing.

More warmups of my supernovel-fixer-upper-friend's favorite character. That backbend pose is a move we do a lot over at JessicaSmithTV on YouTube. (My anatomy improved a lot after doing exercise videos regularly).

Throwback Thursday from 2015--one of the first pics of Moxie Kitten soaring in her cardboard box! (See my profile's header for a version done in digital color!)

Still catching up on last year's scan pile. Here: a life drawing of that one husband from just a few posts back, and Moxie Kitten examining some mystery meat (looks like yams, to me!)

I sure learned a lot making a sticker in Inkscape! My writer friend and I are still finalizing colors and the design some. (These color tests were done in )
If you're trying to learn I'd like to recommend the vids by Logos By Nick:

More warmups of my supernovel-fixer-upper-friend's favorite character. I managed to do a convincing fetal position, hey!

More warmups of my supernovel-fixer-upper-friend's favorite character. He can play the 'ukulele!
I tend to jump to detail too quickly so I tried to keep these small.

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