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The upcoming game BLASPHEMOUS has got my creative juices flowing...Makes me want to play with scale and groups of characters...and monsters.
Always monsters.

Before: CS2 title text (authorname is TOO HUGE! That was all I wanted to adjust!)
After: Title text remade in Inkscape. I lost the cool opentype 'A' glyph...but unlike unopenable CS2, I can always go back and edit it if I figure out how to get OpenType alt characters to work!
Art by Katie Payne (

Oops! Meant to post this here for the background learners, too! Did these in watercolor with references from
I...Used to be able to watercolor. But these turned out lackluster. Unless my paints are just too old?

This one's for all you background learners out there! Pencil studies of things I was looking at at the doctor's office last month. Gotta learn to draw things to put *in* my rooms.

GIF of creepy Processioner monster from the BLASPHEMOUS game Show more

BeforeNAfter: Cheap tackle box into art supply box Show more

HOMW they FINALLY turned one of Bruce Coville's books into a movie! ALIENS ATE MY HOMEWORK is on Netflix! Their Billy Becker is amazing and the scifi makeup job on Madame Pong looks as good as the illio on the book! I'll write a longer review on my blog later.
Now someone turn JEREMY THATCHER, DRAGON HATCHER into a feature!

Cover reveal: A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS. My husband desperately wants me to animate the kitten slooowly rising up from behind Gingersnap. Idunno how to, though. XD Any volunteers?
I plan to release the book in September...hopefully by then I will have a print version ready, too!
More info at

Thanks to my mockups, I finally felt confident enough to launch into painting A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS' cover.
Here's a crop, AKA LOOKITDISLI'LGUYHE'SSOCUTEAWWW! (He looks amazing in greyscale, so glad for Krita's LUT voodoo!)

Book cover makeover! BEFORE: My sketch has been on my friend's postmodern CYOA eBook (available here ) for years. But since I've learned about eyecatching book cover design, I wanted a do-over. AFTER: A mashup of CC-0 photos, a little Krita magic, and surprisingly little futzing in Inkscape for the text!

G-rated longpost bookcover WIP for a friend Show more

Want a cute, Hallmark Channel-esque read for Valentine's Day? Grab my ebook LOVE POTION COMMOTION, starring two wisecrackin' French bulldogs! Lots of talking dogs!
Excerpt here:
Buyable here:
Or at Gumroad:
Or at Amazon!

PM reblerg of blog art. Oh man, my queue is nearly chewed up, I better start drawing stuff again!

Evening art reBORG!
Fanart for the mobile game Miracle Merchant (you have to try it, guys...actually every game this one company makes is boss, like CARD THIEF, that's just beautiful), my orange cat Pixel as a ninja stealin' food and cat-rate kickin', and a church guy with glasses.

And here's another background I freehanded of my dragon character in her hoard. I drew the characters first, BAD ME. Also I LOVE HER STUPID HEAD it's just a quick gesture from a taxidermy pic I had on my caveman phone.
That monkey is too big.
(Hope to paint this one later.)

Trying to keep it simple with single-point perspective; a railroad (waaaay harder than it looks, shoulda used reference) and some kinda secret facility hallway with a glass floor?! These seem very disorganized to me (then again, I did go in without a plan. Why is there a stone wall there??) and what the heck, guiderails, now that you're in there, nobody can walk there!

Evening reblurg: Pixel J. Cat: Clambering Ninja; life drawings from church from when I was sitting on the stand; and a dragon rising from the ocean (inspired by book 2).