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Thanks to my mockups, I finally felt confident enough to launch into painting A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS' cover.
Here's a crop, AKA LOOKITDISLI'LGUYHE'SSOCUTEAWWW! (He looks amazing in greyscale, so glad for Krita's LUT voodoo!)

Book cover makeover! BEFORE: My sketch has been on my friend's postmodern CYOA eBook (available here ) for years. But since I've learned about eyecatching book cover design, I wanted a do-over. AFTER: A mashup of CC-0 photos, a little Krita magic, and surprisingly little futzing in Inkscape for the text!

G-rated longpost bookcover WIP for a friend Show more

Want a cute, Hallmark Channel-esque read for Valentine's Day? Grab my ebook LOVE POTION COMMOTION, starring two wisecrackin' French bulldogs! Lots of talking dogs!
Excerpt here:
Buyable here:
Or at Gumroad:
Or at Amazon!

PM reblerg of blog art. Oh man, my queue is nearly chewed up, I better start drawing stuff again!

Evening art reBORG!
Fanart for the mobile game Miracle Merchant (you have to try it, guys...actually every game this one company makes is boss, like CARD THIEF, that's just beautiful), my orange cat Pixel as a ninja stealin' food and cat-rate kickin', and a church guy with glasses.

And here's another background I freehanded of my dragon character in her hoard. I drew the characters first, BAD ME. Also I LOVE HER STUPID HEAD it's just a quick gesture from a taxidermy pic I had on my caveman phone.
That monkey is too big.
(Hope to paint this one later.)

Trying to keep it simple with single-point perspective; a railroad (waaaay harder than it looks, shoulda used reference) and some kinda secret facility hallway with a glass floor?! These seem very disorganized to me (then again, I did go in without a plan. Why is there a stone wall there??) and what the heck, guiderails, now that you're in there, nobody can walk there!

Evening reblurg: Pixel J. Cat: Clambering Ninja; life drawings from church from when I was sitting on the stand; and a dragon rising from the ocean (inspired by book 2).

I wrote and drew a French bulldog drawing tutorial for a free magazine and it finally published! You can view it online here!

Evening reblog of hilarious things:
1) My cat as a yacht captain (inspired by the "I should buy a boat" cat meme), 2) Gazellican dragons with their necks bent all cozy, and 3) my goofy-looking delighted nosferatu novel prince.
Don't nobody say I don't spoil youse guys.

My is now available for reading in your browser (in case you don't like downloading PDFs, MOBIs, or EPUBs, all formats I offer on my site ;). It's a short read, but fun, especially if you like seeing high class rabbit adventurers getting freaked out by A Very Special Guest.

(Evening reblob.) Pretty sure draculas could turn into wolves originally. For this guy I want to do staring orange pigeon eyes, and iridescent neck fur. Not sure if I'll do weird (ratty? fangy?) teeth or not.

Evening reblogs of church life drawings I posted on my blog within the past week. My faves are the platinum gals and the page with the little girl with a braid.

Evening upload.
Did some Emotion Art(TM) with Moxie Kitten months ago...didn't think I'd scan them so I did them in Non Photo Blue. Then I decided to scan them but had to mangle the settings so you could see em! Moxie is eating Ramen!
Also church life drawings.

Think I've finally scanned all of 2017 I'm gonna scan. Hope so, anyway!
Here are faces made of random shapes. The big nosed 'stached dude in the upper right-hand corner is my .

Been meaning to color these for ages! This is our pet cat Pixel...only now he is NINJA PIXEL, SNEAKY CAT NINJA! (With cameos from a random squargling and also Moxie Kitten.)
In other news, I'm so thrilled F.LUX gives you options to disable it during certain programs.