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This little cutie made me laugh once I finisehd caaaarefully detailing his face.

Exterior of my OC's workplace (a sort of huge MINORITY REPORT-style lab ina skyscraper) from my supernovel, STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM. Done after thumbing some GIS photo refs--skyscraper entrances and the like.

Remember, if you're PRACTICING BACKGROUNDS, use the tag

so fellow learners can cheer you on!

Interiors of an apartment from my huge scifi novel. I am not so good at scale.
Remember, if you're practicing backgrounds, use the tag

so fellow learners can cheer you on!

Started playing OVERLORD 2. In the middle of the boss fight, I tried rolling to evade like I was playing DARK SOULS. *facepalm*
(But can you blame me when the player character is decked out like this??)

Silly cats in marker. Inspired by Funko products (but those Funko dot eyes aren't cute to me, they're DEAD D:

Hey, cat guardians! Pammy Merritt is a genius when it comes to understanding cats. She has the best cat blog out there and now has an ebook and I WANTED YOU TO KNOW

Costume explorations for my royal nosferatu novel character, half-copied from Black-Adder II.
I wrote a short story starring this vamp here:
It's free 'til Saturday...then I take it down.

Sharpie explorations of my novel's nosferatu prince. Some focusing on ears, some focusing on fashion and bat teeth.
The short story featuring this char is still free on my site 'til Friday. Check it out!

That fix in a chapter of supernovel
that I've been putting off
and dreading
for almost 6 months now?
Took an hour to fix.

The DuFresnes are gone.

The sheriff’s horse disappeared weeks ago.

Now the vampire that took them wants to chat…
GROWING SHADOWS IN THE DESERT is a short story I wrote that's currently free for one week only at my website:
Or you can buy it at your fave online retailer at:
Buy the ebook and you'll get a preview of the nosferatu novel I'm always rambling on about.

Wow. For the first time this year I did an hour of writing Monday through Caturday. Result: wrote almost 6,000 new words.
Gonna chalk this up to Habitica and gentle scheduling.

Allright folks...A, or B?
For a literary(ish) short story about a vampire about to move in on a li'l town...

(WIP) Inkscape experiment in about an hour or so. REALLY pleased at how easily Filter "Channel Transparency" made extracting that bat--no painstaking masking needed!!

Look who's back!
Part of the absence was due to feeling DRAINED so far this year. But also...I inadequate drawing Moxie (and her world; I'd love to do a comic). So I sometimes run away from her because I know *exactly* how I want her to be and...well, I'm not as good an artist as I want to be.
tl;dr Moxie Kitten doin' a jazzy dance and maxin' her pump 'n stuff.