Trying to get ahold of the faerie healer from my Nosferatu novel. First one, upper left, is a pretty strong candidate.

Gonna ask my friend if she wants to watch that anime Madoka Magica with me tomorrow.
So far I've told her "It's like Sailormoon" but should I tell her the WHOLE TRUTH?!? 😈 🤭
(No, I haven't seen it, I just research everything to death before I consume it.)

My ebooks are available at many major vendors vendors via:

Remember, these stories cost less than most movie tickets and support an indie writer and her high-visibility-orange kitty cat!


More I wrote to put you in the mood:
GROWING SHADOWS IN THE DESERT - A sheriff confronts a vampire moving in on a little settlement.
SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY - Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease.

I've got some for sale if you need a few this weekend to get you in the mood.
THE BUREAUCRAT - a horror satire for anyone who's ever wanted to burn down a call center.
WHAT THE CAT BROUGHT BACK - A cat begins bringing his owner unsettling artifacts. "Feels bad in your hands."


Evening Reblog, since the WP post-to-mastodon plugin doesn't do scheduled posts no more.
Church sketches I was tired of looking at in my image processing queue.

"TMJ BITES!!" - T-shirt design for a friend who suffers from the painful jaw condition.
I'm very pleased with how it came out!

I hope it prints as well on the shirt and hoodie she selected over at

Goofy Moxies. The upper-right one is Moxie's Senior Moment: “What’d I come out here for, again?”
Which one is your fave?

(Evening Reblog) GreyGold - Long overdue gift art for Frank Villarreal, a great artist, banjoist, and penguin enthusiast! I think the watercolor brushes are @pollomostro 's? I can't remember. :(
If there's enough interest I may make this into a print later on.

Mild body horror. Short story relase info below! Show more

Evening reblog. Exploring Félicité, a faerie whose powers are powered by laughter, another character from my nosferatu novel.

Medical Horror short story cover (now with bloody hand!) Show more

Medical Horror short story: help me pick a cover (direction)! (If you want.) Show more

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