It’d be a quick death—the machines never stopped in time—and a better one than the injection in store for me when I failed my final set of tests.

At least this way I get to choose.

My palm had just kissed the glass when my father grabbed me from behind.

I twisted, but he was too strong. He hauled me, his only son, through the water, back to where my mother screamed and people avoided looking at us. My escape had failed.

I’d been paying for that day’s cowardice ever since.

Book out now.

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I once tried to run into the sea to drown myself, but the water never rose higher than my skinny fourteen-year-old calves.

It didn’t take long before I found the end of the sea, a glass wall at the very edge of the tower. Jets pumped recirculated water through slots aimed at my ankles. I stared through the glass at the steel city before me. If climbed over, I could jump, and if I jumped, I’d fall. I’d close my eyes and pretend I was flying—at least, until the first autokinet smashed into me.

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Wanna read a new science fantasy that's overflowing with intrigue, adventure, and colorful characters you’ll love (and a few you’ll love to hate)? Then check out my latest novel, STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM.
Excerpt in thread.

I've been drawing these characters for years, and now their story's out!

And here are some works-in-progress Thumbnailed with Crayola markers and a template I made for myself.
I skewed the girl's face digitally from the original sketch to dewonkify it.
I liked some versions where he looms over the scene, but it felt contrary to the story--she's the one on his mind.
MANY THANKS to @DirkGrundy for helping me with the trenchcoat!!!

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Time to reveal the new covers for my midlength noir romance OUT WHERE THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES. I put off painting this 'cuz I wasn't sure if my portraiture skills were up to snuff for the pro market (and then I had to go and add a train!) but I'm really happy with how it came out. I used gamut masks for first time, but not to set up the color scheme--just to reinforce color decisions I already made!

As promised, the witch hat and hand are here! (Forgot the sleeve, though, d'oh!)
I'm still new to vector tools. Any advice on what would take this to the next level?
(I know the stars need work. And I need some hat lines to show that those fingers are grasping the hat.)

Another book cover in the works! Doing this one in vectors so the cover for the Large Print edition (6x9") won't be as ornery to produce.
Witch hat and hand coming soon! (Moon brought to you by this Inkscape tutorial: )

Some favorites from my latest church sketchbook (finally scanned!). Woman with scarf (and Moxie Kitten), stylized woman with bun, some friends and a kid with a great tie, and KittendeMayo and Moxie's best friend Tiger (now renamed Mojo) in a disguise.

Some environmental practice! Displays from our Friendly Local Game Store (I call it Crazy Ray's Discount Space Wolf Emporium), service windows at a government office, a plant in a waiting room, and these plastic chairs from church (AKA my childhood!).

(Non-animated retweet of: (found via @c_pruett on Twitter))

"Sure there's bugs to regress but wouldn't it be easier just to spend five minutes day-dreaming about your next project instead? The one that's just a perfect, idealized idea of a project? It has no bugs and never will, I promise!"

RP "projects" with "paintings" and you have me.

tl;dr Stop dreaming about projects and DO THEM!!

(Also: a fine use of SH2's Maria. Just encompasses her, man.)

What's this? A WIP?? Yeah this story I wrote needed a print cover...and I thought, tschja, just refresh it already! I procrastinated forever then finally got started painting it a couple days ago.
That train on the back is awful, I promise I'll fix it!
I think I have longer to go on this piece than I think I do.
Pondering ways to bring out noir hat man at the bottom.

One of the first modules you do in the Digital Painting Academy is coloring lineart using different layer workflows. This is my favorite one that I did! So cheerful and pink!
(The lineart isn't mine; the obnoxious color choices, however, are).
Even tho the class is taught in I found I could follow along just fine in . Yay!

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