Ever wonder how authors get their ideas?

I can't speak for all of them, but here's a peek into what inspired this author to write bittersweet fantasy THE WITCHING LICENSE--plus my thoughts on some other creative stuff, done for the HERE BE MORE MAGIC ebook bundle:


Thanks to author A.L. Butcher for interviewing me!

Are you a voracious fantasy reader? Then listen up, because I've got a tasty bargain for you!

My gentle tale of regret, romance, and righting wrongs, THE WITCHING LICENSE, is in a new book bundle, called HERE BE MORE MAGIC!

This bundle's an amazing value: for $5.99 you get my story, THE WITCHING LICENSE, plus 12 other stories by other fantasy authors, eight of which are NOVELS. That's a baker's dozen of enchanting tales!

Get your copy here: bundlerabbit.com/b/here-be-mor

Finally finished my FIRST BOOK TRAILER.
It's made with CC0/public domain clips, music, sound effects, and . The only other video editing I did before this was for my friend in Animoto, so I learned a lot! Hope you enjoy it.

I just released a powerful, 6-page piano+vocal arrangement of ABIDE WITH ME (not the "Tis Eventide" one, the other one).

All lyrics are from "Abide with Me," but the melody changes with each verse. You can listen to a sample by clicking on the "mp3" link here:


Or grab it on Gumroad (pay what you want):

I worked on this all throughout 2020, so thanks for listening!

Been stealthily starting a TeeSpring shop. One of my storefronts features my MOMcats while the other is like, book cover merch. I hope you'll check 'em out when looking for gifts for your favorite cat/dragon/book lover this holiday season.
(Boosts appreciated; apparently I need a couple sales before Teepsring puts me in the system proper.)
More coming!

Do any of your have birthdays? Today's the Queen's birthday (from my novel STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM - books2read.com/steelcitycomple), so here are a few newer sketches her and like, the one supergood portrait I did of her back in the Day, and an equally ancient 8-bit? 16-bit? pixel sprite (not animated).

If you're looking for a inexpensive, calorie-free treats for Halloween, I invite you to check out some of my horror ebooks. They're creepy and suspenseful (vs gory)...we got cats bringing back freaky artifacts, surreal office horror, insomnia, wild west vampires, and a few things more!

Full list here: pixelvaniapublishing.com/horro

Boosts appreciated!

(BUREAUCRAT artwork by Christian Bunyan.)

COVER MAKEOVER, YAY! For my older short story, THE BUREAUCRAT. It was time for an update that brought the human(??) element to the fore.
BIG thanks to artist Christian Bunyan (couldyouchangetheending.com)--now I've got a cover that ups the creep factor by ten!

More info at: pixelvaniapublishing.com/book/

Just released a new short novel, called THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR. A down-to-earth mage and her magical goats must save their new neighbor from being mulched in this new upbeat fantasy adventure!
@GoatsLive (who helped me get my goat facts straight) called it "A great read!"
Please check it out at pixelvaniapublishing.com/book/

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