Time to reveal the new covers for my midlength noir romance OUT WHERE THE SUN ALWAYS SHINES. I put off painting this 'cuz I wasn't sure if my portraiture skills were up to snuff for the pro market (and then I had to go and add a train!) but I'm really happy with how it came out. I used gamut masks for first time, but not to set up the color scheme--just to reinforce color decisions I already made!


And here are some works-in-progress Thumbnailed with Crayola markers and a template I made for myself.
I skewed the girl's face digitally from the original sketch to dewonkify it.
I liked some versions where he looms over the scene, but it felt contrary to the story--she's the one on his mind.
MANY THANKS to @DirkGrundy for helping me with the trenchcoat!!!

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