Hi. I got a "cute saying" framed canvas print as a gift for Christmas, but it's not my style and I'd rather use the canvas to paint on. Trad painters, what would I use to paint over the image already on there? Gesso? And then do I have to prime it?

@AesAthena I thought gesso *was* a primer.

(Disclaimer: my 2d work is 99.99% pencils)

@silverseams @AesAthena it is a primer, but i believe it's kind of translucent, so if you want more crisp colors, after applying the gesso paint a layer of white/whatever base color suits you. the gesso first will help the rest of the paint stick without making the paper wavy

(also disclaimer: i'm about 75% sure on this)

@AesAthena I do this all the time with art I buy at second hand stores, gesso works fine

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