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Hey Stateside writers and creators, the Copyright Office is kicking around the idea of raising digital Copyright Registration fees from $35/pop to $55 a pop. This affects anyone who wants to register their creative work (music, writing, whatever) for stronger legal backing.
More info/comment link at:,26

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Yesterday's dragon/nosferatu color study was so much fun, I thought I'd try another!

If you liked the concept of HOUSE OF LEAVES but found the book too convoluted and dense to even start, a German-Austrian guy (Kehlmann) wrote a smoll novel (novella?) with a similar vibe, called "You Should Have Left." Just finished it in like an afternoon. Had a couple spooky moments.

Nosferatu Novel - faerie healer (pencil explorations)
I don't really know where to go with this character. I don't have a good picture of this character in my head. Which is kind of a probably because she's a lead character. :\ Started by copying a couple GIS faces and also hairstyles for nurses. ...

Color study for my nosferatu novel. Want all 3 chars to be pale colors (snow-shadow blue, white, and lavender, like Sargent's MADAME X portrait) since they're related, but also the first part of the novel is, like, set in the dark. So. Light/color interactions.
Background isn't mine, just a blurred photo I found.

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Alternately to LB: set a filter on your email that pipes all those promo things into a folder on receipt, already marked-as-read. Then when you *need* something from a business that you subscribe to, go into that folder and pull up any appropriate offers. Purge emails periodically (automatically, if your email system supports it). This is how I manage fabric/craft store coupons (because bypassing the constant 40-60% off is wasteful).

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The majority of y/our server’s cost spreading your art here is funded via & since [Liberapay offers no solution in the near/short/long term while they work out not being able to accept payments] we’re left with Patreon & - please switch your recurring donations back or alter your payments. Your support of y/our home here on • 🎨 is appreciated. Thank you.

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Here’s the final rendition of this lady mage who may or may not be about to set something on fire. Shoutout to @LensaMoon for the helpful feedback!

I think we're going to try and make our own hot wings tonight.
Wish us luck.

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Polished up some of those pixels, and added in some tiled terrain and trees so that the house isn't floating.

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Just learned that this thing I really like to do where I put a figure in the foreground looking out at a landscape has a name—Rückenfigur—and a whole tradition behind it!

I have to nearly always restart "Wacom Professional Service" (in services.msc) before I use Krita or else pressure sensitivity won't work. Anybody fixed that before? Windows 7, 64bit. Intuos tablet bought just last year.

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@AesAthena My mom and grandma are like that too. Any slithery thing would do as a warm up though I think. A plate of sphaghetti with bread sticks, a baby brontosaurus in a nest, a swan in a picnic basket.

Moxie Kitten + Assortment
So one of the Ultimate Drawing Warm Ups is to draw snakes in baskets? So there's one of those here, along with a cat carrier, and Moxie zooming around (and hiding!) in her box. But I know there are folks out there like my mom who are scared of even pictures of snakes, so you'll… ...

Just began writing in the most beautiful Leuchtturm notebook EVER.
Why yes, Quark *is* holographic!

Notebook: Leuchtturm 1917 Master Ruled (Hardcover)

Sticker: Bought at MistyFig's Gift Shop ( Quark art by Amy King ( ).

Pamela Merritt, my go-to gal to learn cat psychology, has a great article about how cats are not substandard dogs.
She really knows how to get in a cat's head...and how to work with them so they'll work with you!

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7 years old(!!!), but I'm still rather fond of it [2/2]