UX research question from Adam:

Which behaviour would you expect ?
(see gif in reply)

@crickxson @inkscape The question seams to be about extending the meaning of “place” in x/y axis to “place” in z axis. Am I right? B sounds more logical in this case!

@raphaelbastide @crickxson @inkscape

I don’t think we need to approach this from a logical perspective, but consider expectations. If I paste something, do I need to be thinking what is my last selected element to understand where this is going to land? What if square N°3 is so big that square N°1, although selected, is hidden behind it. I might be pasting a new object and not see where it landed.

It sounds to me, the B case, that it’s a special kind of paste.


@xuv @raphaelbastide @crickxson @inkscape
That is the only edge-case (a big one) which causes problems with this

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