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And so the smartest people on the internet show the limits of smartness and intelligence in that Being Right alone is not an effective way to interact with people who disagree with you.

Something that took me a good long time to realize is that unless it's a formal, academic debate, people aren't arguing in the pursuit of getting closer to Truth, they're arguing because it gives them some kind of emotional reward.

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If you have a network-capable printer, do yourself a favor and turn off JetDirect (port 9100) in its config. No current OS requires JetDirect support to print, and it's a massive security hole.

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Warrior Cats Biker AU: Medicine Cats! (or mechanic cats?)

in the biker!au of Warriors, the medicine cats repair both cats *and* the bikes!

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i think one of my least favorite developments of contemporary internet culture is the concept of a "video tutorial"

(Sorry for the art spam! I have a massive back log, and felt like uploading stuff today.)

Chimeran Legends - Mistakes

(content warning for blood, and obscured wound. Character is staring into the camera.)

Chimeran Legends (Modern Day AU) - Train Date

(Note: Pink character in the middle belongs to yormgen on Tumblr)

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Chimeran Legends - Asphodelus

(cw for minimal blood and general creepiness.)

I have neopets brain worms rn, so here are some neopets.
(Note: These were not all drawn at the same time so if there is style inconsistency that is why.)

Trying a new shading style that is definitely faster than what I've been doing, but also something I need to get used to. Hoping it will be easier on me in the long run in regards to my webcomic.

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