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Ok, time for my !

My name is Andrzej, and I live in Spain.

I've been drawing seriously for almost 3 years now and am just reaching the point where I want to start sharing some of my work. I came here for the camaraderie, critique and encouragement. I also love just scrolling through random drawings by people - there's something really beautiful about it.

Here are my two latest drawings 😬😬😬

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The 'Useful Books for Artists' Thread 

I've amassed a small collection of books on drawing and painting over the last few years, some of them great, some them not so great. I thought I'd share the best ones here, in no particular order. Please do chip in with your own recommendations!

1. Colour and Light by James Gurney

I love this book so much. It's actually a pleasure a read, and a beautiful artifact on its own right. Possibly the best explainer you'll find wrt its subject matter too.

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Very much against the clock, this one - but it stopped me dithering!

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I've been messing around trying to layout a mobile-phone optimised comic (I envision it as being like a vertical scroller, but with snapping points)

The thing is... it's really tricky! The aspect ratio of a phone is just very hard to design good panels for...

Anyone got any tips? Any examples of v-scrollers done well that you'd point to?

Looking back at this, aside from some inevitably wonky drawing, I could really do with pushing the variations in line weight. Maybe I'll set up a few brushes of distinct sizes for easily toggling?

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Messing around with some loose doodly stuff, trying to get a feel for digital inking. Feels like something is beginning to click, finally 😀

I'm in absolute awe of artists who can do convincing, characterful illustrations with minimal line work. I always struggle not to go overboard with hatching, or go to far in the other direction and end up way too basic!

Quick and dirty correction layer to the rescue lol

I can already see that I messed up the values a bit on this one. Ah well.

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Another digital study that I'm not sure if I'm going to finish...

This deviantart gallery is pretty good, but there is a real lack of this kind of stuff online. Unless i'm looking in all the wrong places

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Dear stock photo creators - please, for the love of god, can we have more male models in classical/renaissance poses. Plenty of that with women models, which is great, but all the men are posing as if they're holding guns or fighting. Sort it out ffs

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Nene's strange goings-on, this seems to be a slow night

I'm starting to like working with mostly flat colors

Digital painting, using a reference photo from

Picture 1 is after a couple of hours, picture two is after a couple more. I'm really enjoying this digital painting lark!

As an aside, I am definitely beginning to realise the extent to which mass drawing was lacking in my skillset. Getting into toned paper, and now digital painting, has changed the game for me. I definitely wouldn't recommend focusing exclusively on line work to someone starting out. You live and learn, I guess.

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I hope to finish this one, but I'm getting into the habit of exporting sketches at the end of every session just in case I end up not bothering...

Nudity, painting 

I'm trying to avoid using layers or blending modes for the time being - because 1) I know I'd get bogged down and 2) I want to be able to do everything from the colour wheel before I start thinking in terms of 'special effects'

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Nudity, painting 

Learning digital painting continues. I worked from a photo reference this time, which I think I need to do a lot more of! Starting to 'get' thinking in terms of warms/cools now. I've never worked in colour before!

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