commission types changed slightly since the last post so here's an update!

once again it was formatted for twitter so don't worry about the dm bits. Feel free to contact me if interested or have any other questions!!

*do note the icon commissions listed here are like, profile pics and not intended for roleplay use

Hi! I'm Joe, an artist in Philadelphia USA. I do illustration, gamedev, comics, and lifedrawing. I'm ready to get active on mastodon!

working concept of one of these - I still need to apply the gold

part of a geometric kind of series im going to do more with - I'll have other sketch samples posted

Completed version of my piece for "Long Live the Lustrous", a Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous Zine!

I visibly froze in the middle of folding the merchandise

"Nocturne" was inspired by a joke I made on my main twitter account about the moon and the ocean being two powerful lesbians. I stand by this.

Hello! I'm Abel and I'm setting up a platform over here on Mastodon, along with my Twitter and Facebook! My main account is @vaporwavewitch and you can easily contact me there! I'll be uploading a handful of my pieces over the next while--namely my favourites or "best works".
I just graduated from a BA Psych program, double majoring in Neurosci, with minors in Art History and Religious Studies. I want to do an MA in Art History, focusing on the psychology of Art and Architecture!


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