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Hello! First post here~
You can call me Goo. I draw comics and my OCs a lot. Here's some of my works.
Nice to meet you! 😊

Ada enjoying the meadows 💐
Also, thank you for 100+ follows! ❤️

Wanted to draw Paimon! ✨ I'm really enjoying Genshin Impact so far

I dyed my inner part of my hair a while back n im now 300% more cryptid Yes

One of my comics, @ XXIII is now 4 years old. Time flies so by 🥺

You can the series it for free here:

Drawing of one of my old ocs, Willa 😌
Wanted to chill during my bday so I drew on paper

Commission work! Character belongs to Mistreil @ twitter

Happy Month!
I drew my signature nuggies in comfy pride sweaters 🤗

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