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Just a quick drawing while I'm still living out of boxes πŸ˜‚ πŸ’¦

Just as I've decided I might just give up and go on sick leave for the rest of this semester. Stars bizarrely begin to align and............ fix things.... maybe.

The Hungers TM have still been bothering us today, but I'd like to formally thank the cat for pretending to check out his dinner in front of him... he's eaten it all now πŸ˜” πŸ™

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norb last night: I don't want dinner!!
norb at 3 AM: oH I aM HaViNg tHe StOmAcH AchE
norb, after I've spent an hour trying to convince him to just eat and begging him to let me sleep: oH It was the Hungers

Couldn't sleep, so I've been up since 5 looking into raw food diets for dogs........ again........ conclusion is yet again that I am most likely incapable πŸ˜‚ 😭

Norb (dog) decided it was time to play right as I decided to work out, so I was attacked while doing push-ups 🀣

teacher being an ass 

Five minutes into class and I'm already about to cry?
Teacher started a timer for a quick task and by the end it played a loud explosion noise, thanksπŸ™ƒ

did I accidentally time manage so badly that I'm baking a bread at almost 11 pm?
the answer is yes

teacher on zoom: I want you to have your cameras on
me, running around after my mom's puppy and norb: 😭😭

I am working on a story about some witches right now, and I swear to god, every time I try to come up with names and concepts and find it's already been used in HP, I throw a fit 😭

Is it time to rewatch Darker than Black tonight? I think it is

I really do wish I was studying something that I enjoyed and could see myself in ........

I love this series I love these characters (and most the other characters too)
Really stressed and art blocked or something??? so just doodled these babies

"Unless you accept ALL our cookies, you can't view our content"
ok, it wasn't that interesting anyway

assignment handed in, time to start working on all the things I wanted to do this holiday--oh wait, it already ended :D

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